5 Signs That Shows Even Nice Guys Can Break Your Heart

Just because your boyfriend is a nice guy doesn’t mean he won’t hurt you. A lot has been said about bad guys, how to recognize them, why shouldn’t you date bad guys, how to avoid getting your heart broken by bad guys, and so forth. One silver lining about dating bad guys is that they show what things we shouldn’t be doing in our relationships, and sometimes they can be good tutors. But, bad men aren’t only people who can hurt us. Surprisingly, even the nicest guy can be dangerous as well. So, keep a watch out for these “nice guys.”

So, what’s so dangerous about dating a super nice guy? You see just like seeing a very nice woman; nice guys don’t just tell whatever they want because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. They hate conflicts and arguments, so they try all they can to avoid it. Nice guys are also hesitant to express their true feelings and emotions about you and other things if they assume that you won’t like it. One of the big dangers of being in a romantic relationship with a super nice guy is that they send mixed messages about their feelings most of the time. They’ll be open and honest with you, and yet they don’t feel comfortable or right with it.
Super nice guys will have about the future of the relationship with you and will tell you what exactly you wanted to her. They’ll say they wanted to get married, have kids and family, and all that. Naturally, you believe them since you’re dating him. You also think he has included you in all of his future dreams. But, is it really?

You can realize or evaluate something, if you don’t know it or when you feel something doesn’t seem quite right. You find yourself have second thoughts about your feelings and questioning the truth of your relationship. You find the overall situation confusing and hard to deal with. Here’s why.

We know a super nice guy really cares about you and enjoys spending time with you. But, because he’s nice he would do anything possible to avoid hurting your feelings. He will never tell that he loves you. Instead, he’ll play love games with until someone better comes along. He knows that you are not right for him, but he’s afraid to tell you. He doesn’t want to lose you because he doesn’t want to be alone.

So, how can you a nice guy who will at some point break your heart? Here are five signs to begin with:

    1. 1. Nice guys will always talk about the future without including you.

2. He’ll be more caring to your needs more than his own. He does this because he feels guilty of playing you and not being fully engaged with you.

3. He avoids arguments and disagreements with you keeping the status quo intact.

4. Your relationship seems to have flattened out and stopped growing.

5. When you ask your super nice boyfriend how he feels about you, he avoids it, and even he tells you, it seems indirect and confusing.

Dating super nice guys can sometimes is a destructive activity. They send mixed messages about their feelings for you that eventually make you feel confused whether it’s right to break up with them. Remember, genuine romantic relationships stronger and deeper with time. If that isn’t happening to you, then it’s time you pull the plug from the relationship.

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