5 Signs That He’s Still In Love With His Ex

Men, who are recently out of a relationship, and are still in love with their exes, significantly affects to date someone new, and connect with them. Women, who are dating these kinds of men, realize that they’re finding it hard to be close and intimate with them. They ultimately had to end the relationship, as the relationship isn’t going anywhere. Had they knew the signs that their date is still in love with his ex, things would have turned out much better.

Here are five signs that he's still crazily in love with his ex.

1. He Won’t Fully Commit To You
You’ve been dating him for a few weeks or months, and you’ve thinking to make your relationship exclusive. It makes perfect sense at this point. But, when you have a conversation about it with your boyfriend, he tries to avoid it and tells you that he like things the way they’re now. Apparently, this means that he’s not fully committed to you and the relationship. Why? Because he's still hoping that he will reunite with his ex. Break up with him ASAP.

2. He Talk About Her And Finds Reasons To Talk About Her
The possibility of this happening is when you and your boyfriend have mutual friends who are friends with the ex. Suppose that you guys are having dinner, and are talking about one of those friends, and don’t get surprised when you see the whole conversation becomes of the ex. It’s like when you have a crush on a guy; and you’ll start talking about him, despite that it’s driving everyone else crazy.

3. He Still Wants To Talks To Her Or Hangs Out With Her
People remaining friends with their exes aren’t at all uncommon, particularly if they’ve been friends before they were in a relationship. But, the real problem arises if he’s going out with her and their mutual friends, and doesn’t bring you along, or even worse doesn’t even tell you about it. This is a huge red flag in your relationship that shows he’s not over her. The thing is he doesn’t you to see her with him, and he’s probably hoping may they both can patch things up, and reconcile one day.

4. He Still Likes/Comments On Her Photos On Facebook
It’s harmless in liking a few pictures and posts here and there on Facebook and commenting on their photos or status every time your boyfriend’s ex posts a photo or status. But, if you see that he’s “liking or commenting” it, and you’ll feel concerned that he’s doing it, despite the fact that your partner doesn’t speak or meet in real life, it means that he’s not over her. We can safely tell that your partner is stalking her on social media, and trying to keep tabs on her.

5. He keeps comparing you to her
Arguing with your partner is common when you’re dating or in a relationship. But, did you notice that every time you get into any argument, he keeps telling, “Jessica will never do this to me,” or “Debby always did that,” it means that he’s comparing you to her? Bringing up the ex is never good in an argument, and if the ex is being mentioned at all, then he’s not over her.

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