5 Signs That Your Girlfriend Feels Insecure With You

Feeling insecure in your relationship is a huge deal breaker for many couples. There are plenty of relationships that have ended because one of the partners felt insecure. When you are insecure, your inner voice repeatedly tells you that you aren’t enough and that the person you are dating will leave you. This can make you react in crazy ways, even if you feel confident that things will be fine. People who are insecure about their relationships may turn abusive, cheat, or get super-controlling as a way to be more successful in having relationships with others. However, there’s not much you can do to make yourself less insecure as the problem is more external than internal in most cases.

Below are five signs that your girlfriend or partner is feeling insecure about being in a relationship with you:

1. She criticizes you a lot.

It’s easily noticeable that people who criticize and demean others typically feel inferior to them. It’s also true when it comes to dating and relationships, and is the real reason why men abuse women and vice versa. If your girlfriend constantly criticizes you, even over the petty things, it’s a sign she’s abusive and insecure. If you see this happening, turn around.

2. She has become a doormat to you.

Another sign of insecurity in relationships is when your partner tends to “doormat” herself and turns into a person without opinions. This doesn't only make her boring; it’s also a way for resentment to build. She won’t tell you how she feels or what she wants until she has a mental breakdown.

3. She always says she’s “not good enough” for you.

You know your girlfriend is feeling insecure with you when she always tells you that she’s not good enough for you. She also tells you that she feels worried about it. Well, the good thing here is at least she's honest. She’s clearly trying to figure out the meaning of all of this insecurity. And, yes, if she finds it, she will be ready to date.

4. She constantly points out her good qualities when you go out together.

Sure, you know she’s successful and has a great career. She also told you about her volunteer work, the charity she donates to regularly and other things that will impress you. Men and women who often tell their partners about how good they are usually feel insecure about their position with the person they are dating. Though this is harmless, remember that confident people don’t brag about their qualities or achievements so they can get compliments from their partners.

5. She is smothering and gets jealous of other women being around you.

A common sign of people insecure in their relationships or marriages is that they are clingy. They will cling on to their partners like their survival depends on them. They are also jealous and extremely aggressive towards people who aren’t a “threat” even remotely. Eventually, their insecurities will turn the relationship into an abusive one. If you happen to be in a relationship like this one, it’s time you dump her.

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