5 Signs You Need to Spend More Time With Your Girlfriend

How do you define quality time and why it is important? Well, if you are in a relationship in today’s hectic and non-stop society, then you will understand how tough it is to balance a career, friends, family, love, hobbies, sex, self-care, relaxation, chores, etc. Nowadays, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have a healthy relationship. We need to have a good career, to make tons of money, to be a good partner, to be a great parent, to have many friends, to have many interests or hobbies, to have a beautiful house or car, and to manage our lives flawlessly.

Managing free time to make some quality time with your girlfriend/partner seems less important or nonexistent. It is true that prioritizing our relationships sometimes is difficult as we are overwhelmed by our life’s many duties and responsibilities. Finding a balance in responsibilities, obligations, desires, and needs can be extremely difficult. If this isn’t kept in control, we can forget about what actually matters in our relationships. Spending quality time with your partner is necessary because it makes you feel connected with her. It also makes you feel supported and feel more attractive and desired.

Below are five signs that you and your partner are not spending enough time together:

1. You don’t have weekly date nights.

If you intend to make your relationship stronger, nothing beats the quality interaction you have with your significant other like a random date night once or twice every week or month. We understand doing this isn’t possible every time, especially if you are a parent, but prioritizing your relationship will make the both of you more fulfilled.

2. You hardly eat meals together.

Sure, your busy work schedule doesn’t permit it. Maybe you have kids. But, if you see that you and your partner rarely have meals together, then you should consider having dinner dates once or twice a week. It will help the two of you to focus on each other.

3. You only talk about work, responsibilities, or the children with your partner.

If you are someone who only keeps talking about practical things, then the quality of your relationship will get better when you and your partner decide to spend some quality time together.

4. You haven’t gone on a vacation/holiday in over six months.

Most couples will react badly to this and it will make them feel bad about themselves. We are only telling you this because we think that quality getaways or vacations are a great way to promote quality communication, spontaneity, and intimacy. A “getaway or vacation” doesn’t always have to be lavish or expensive; it can be a simple time away from the usual mundane activities of your lives.

5. Sex feels like a chore to you sometimes.

Let’s be honest: lust, desire, romance, and sex in your relationship can fluctuate over time. This is entirely normal, and nobody has to be worried about it. But sex shouldn’t feel like a responsibility or chore. Communicate your expectations around sex more with your spouse. It can lower the anxiety and pressure about it.

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