5 Signs You’re Not Emotionally Ready for a Relationship

Are you strong enough for a relationship? Or shall we say are you emotionally strong enough for love? Whether most people want to admit it or not, you need to have a certain amount of emotional strength to stay in a healthy relationship. To have a successful relationship, you are required to have honesty, integrity, confidence, dedication, and a sense of good understanding. You need good emotional strength to put all of these traits into action, and without it, you will eventually ruin good relationships.

Below are five signs that indicate that you're not emotionally ready for a relationship:

1. You remain in an abusive, unhappy relationship because you don’t want to be alone.

You need to have plenty of emotional strength to live alone in this world. This is the biggest thing most people don’t realize about emotional strength. If you are someone who can’t handle loneliness, you will probably become wholly dependent on your partner. This shows you are not emotionally ready for a relationship.

2. You only feel validated if you are in a relationship.

We all want to feel validated. We all want to have a sense of purpose in our lives. But, seeking external validation won’t do you any favors. Investing all your time and effort to make you feel happy and confident via another person is a terrible idea. In the end, you will make your partner feel fed up with you. That’s not all; you will end up hating yourself and ruining your self-esteem.

3. You are scared to speak your mind or be yourself.

Sure, there are certain times that not speaking your mind or being yourself is good for the relationship or marriage. We aren’t talking about those times, such as complaining about your girlfriend’s mother’s casserole. We are talking about you not admitting to something you like, or feeling the need to copy somebody else so that you will be liked by others. That’s not healthy at all, and it points to the fact that you haven’t found yourself yet. If you have doubts about who are you, how can you expect someone else to love you?

4. You are desperate and needy.

This one is pretty bad. Being desperate and needy is a sign that you don’t have what it takes to be in a healthy relationship. It’s because desperation compels us to do crazy and stupid things that no one is supposed to do in a relationship. Needy and desperate people do this because they don’t have standards and lack the strength to stand on their own feet.

5. You can’t say “no,” or admit that you are wrong.

Yes, sometimes it is okay to agreeable, but that doesn't mean that people should make you their doormat. There are times you should say “no,” even in the happiest relationships. If you don’t, then be prepared to face problems that will show up, sooner or later. Another essential element of a healthy relationship is to have the courage to admit that you are wrong. If you do something that feels wrong, admit it, apologize, communicate, and try to make it right. Don’t be a victim or blame your partner for it. If you can't do it, there’s very little chance that you have a healthy, happy relationship.

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