5 Signs You’re Ready For a Mature Relationship

Most people get into relationships simply because their friends, coworkers, and others around them are in relationships or married. They get into relationships without a purpose and eventually get hurt. Sure, love strikes quickly for some people, but that doesn’t mean that it will work for you. You might think you are ready for a relationship after reaching a particular phase in your life. You have finished your education, you got a decent job, moved to a new city, rented an apartment, lost a few pounds and so on.

However, being in a relationship is more about a mindset. You need to be committed while looking for a relationship. You need to be committed to prioritizing your search for love; you need to spend some time reading the profiles, sending the messages or emails, and planning the dates.

Below are five signs that you are ready for a real, mature relationship:

1. You have time in your life for a relationship

We are all busy with our hectic schedules and lives, complete with family, friends, work, workouts, shopping, vacations, etc. But you can gladly set aside some time from your daily routine to spend some quality time with someone who gives you butterflies. You are flexible. You have free time on the weekends. You get creative if you can’t manage time. You make it work somehow.

2. You want a relationship, but you can live without one

Okay guys, this isn’t completely true. Humans need relationships. But, you shouldn’t wait for your life to begin until you have met your romantic partner. What we are telling you here is that you can still travel, buy a home, invest in the stock market, buy a nice car, attend summer concerts and check items off your bucket list before getting into a relationship. You know that you are an independent, high-functioning individual. You want to share your life with another self-actualized person in a meaningful, healthy way. You know that you don’t feel empty inside, waiting for another person to complete you.

3. Loneliness doesn’t scare you

You aren’t afraid of being alone. You feel comfortable going on trips or to events solo. You have learned how to enjoy your own company. So it’s totally fine for you when your girlfriend or partner asks you for space or needs to focus on family or work for a while minus you.

4. You feel hopeful

You aren’t sure how and when love will show up. You are just confident and hopeful that someday you will be in love with someone. You feel less interested in what the person does, their looks or the lifestyle they have. You only care about being with someone who makes you feel happy and enjoys your company.

5. You are excited about the process

This is a big one. We can tell you are ready for a real, mature relationship when you are curious about the person you are talking or exchanging texts or emails with. Whenever you see the photo of your match, you smile. You are less concerned about their physical requirements or age. You find them interesting and eagerly look forward to meeting them.

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