5 Simple, Romantic Ideas To Have A Great Date The Whole Week

Our lives can get stressed out and little hectic between work, meeting hours, weekly events and out favorite TV shows. With so many important things to do, finding the right time to have a date is pretty hard. Hold your plans for a date night for the weekend because it’s time you put back the romance back into your weekdays.

Here are some simple and romantic dating ideas that will make you feel love the entire week:

Date Idea #1: Rent Some Classic, Hidden Treasures From The Library
If you’re addicted to Netflix, no worries, we all are, then put down the remote and go to your local library. There are plenty of classic and latest movies perfect for a casual every night snuggle, and it’s all free. There is a bonus point. Your local library has books too. So, check out a few books, and recommend to each other.

Date Idea #2: Up Your Game With Board Games
Before the advent of modern video games and online gaming, board games were a casual, fun way to spend a night when you’re staying at home. But, that doesn’t mean that board games aren’t fun to play anymore now. If you don't have any board games, visit your local thrift shop for retro board games or chess boards. You can also grab a deck of cards for some friendly round of blackjack or poker. And if your mood is a little feisty, why don’t you play Scrabble?

Date Idea #3: Indulge in your Desserts
Heading to your favorite bar or restaurant after a long day at work to dig into your food or drink is a classic move. But, it will surely get old or boring when you’ve been there too many times, and after you've tried just almost everything on the menu. What to do now? Consider switching to a new restaurant or bar that is famous for its desert and mojitos. This is super perfect for an early night, a little lasciviousness, and a heck lot of time for a serious kissing session with your date.

Date Idea #4: Be And Play Like Kids Again
True, all those gaming arcades are filled with kids everywhere. But, these little buggers (no offense) need to go bed on weeknight. Call your girlfriend and stop by the nearest arcade and let both of yourselves free for a romantic getaway filled with tons of fun, games, and prizes without all the craziness that we all know when you visit those places during the weekends. This is an excellent way to spend any weekday with your date, if you're feeling especially nostalgic for your childhood, and want to re-live and re-experience it with your significant other.

Date Idea #5: Explore The Neighborhood
Living in your new place in a new neighborhood, and know nothing about it? Take your car or bike, crank up your favorite tunes, and go out for a spin with your significant other. Nothing can be better than cruising the open road and your significant other sitting beside you, the wind flowing through your hair, the sunlight basking on your faces, and those fleeting sultry melodies. If you’re dating or in a relationship, this is the best way to last the date as long as you want it to, giving you plenty of time to focus solely on your date.

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