5 Steps On How to Make Moving in Together Easy

So you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level and moved in with special one—congrats! Both of you are fully committed to each other. Moving is a big decision to make, that will affect each other’s lives, and your relationship. Besides, we are guessing you have discussed that another important question too—when you guys will be getting married!

Well, all these are the important aspects of moving in with the one you love. And it’s fantastic that you are comfortable and ready for them. But did you think about the little things? Chances, you might not be ready for them. Sometimes, couples become so busy with their lives after moving in altogether and forget what it means in the first place.

To help you, here are five steps on how to make moving in together easily:

Be Compromising

Every person is different and has their tastes and preferences. You may like something of your partner or hate something about him or her. Maybe he likes white walls, while you want your walls to be colorful. Maybe your girlfriend likes to have plants in the kitchen, while you don’t. So be ready to compromise and have an open mind. For example, if your boyfriend likes white walls, you can hang some bright colored painting on them. Don’t be dominating and keep in mind that moving in means doing things together.

Share All Expenses

There is no need to have a joint bank account at this of the relationship. But it’s advised that you and your partner share household expenses equally. Share utility bills, food expenses, soaps, groceries and so on. It’s nice to split the bill, but it doesn’t have been equal all the time, but don’t forget to chime in when needed.

Be Flexible About Space

Moving in with your special someone means you have to share the space for the personal belonging with your partner. Making room for your girlfriend cosmetics, shampoos, etc., on the bathroom shelf, or giving some space to store her shoes in the closet is going to happen. So be flexible and considerate of the other’s person’s feelings and wants. Get rid of all the clothes and other stuff you don’t need and make room for your partner’s stuff. Making room for your partner should be more important in your life that storing all those college memorabilia you don’t need any more.

Make New Routines

When we are on ourselves, we have created routines and patterns that we follow to get us through the day. Things can get a little messy if there is a change in our daily routines. But when you move in with someone you love, you should be prepared for some changes in your daily workflow. For example, if you like listening to music while taking a long shower in the morning, you may have to stop listening to music or should have shorter showers to save some hot water for your partner. Don’t get cranky about it and work out on a new routine that works best for both of you.

Find Romance Everyday

When you move in with someone, there will be some chances in your life, but those changes are for the best. You may not find the same level of excitement when you for a dinner date, or wake up every day with your partner by your side. But you will find something new about your partner that can be exciting in a unique way. Moving in brings a whole new level of intimacy and togetherness that can be significantly rewarding to your lives.

Moving in together is a big step when two people are in a committed relationship. Make sure you do it for the right reasons and don’t forget to be happy with the little things that come along with it.

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