5 Steps to Seducing a Girl Through Texting

You were out and about today when you met a really cute girl. She was so nice and the two of you had a good conversation. When it was time to go, you were bold and asked for her number…and she gave it to you! That's great! You're probably super excited.

…but what comes next? You have her number now. It's up to you to keep the conversation going. You want to talk to her more and you want her to like you. So how do you go about winning a girl's heart through text messages?

Here are five steps to seducing a girl through texting:

1. Getting Her Attention

If this girl is as great as she seems, she probably has tons of guys vying for her attention. You need to stand out from the rest. You want to get her attention and keep it focused on you. Here's two ways to immediately catch her interest in the first text:

Be Nice: When you decide to text her for the first time, be super friendly and polite. Ask her how her day is going or what she's up to. She probably has loads of guys texting her messages that make her uncomfortable. You don't want to be one of those guys. Keep it nice and simple.

Make it Personal: Try to make a personal connection with her. You can reference something that the two of you talked about when you met. You can ask her a basic question about herself. Don't ask anything too deep or personal when you first start talking to her. That will only send her running away.

2. Making Her Laugh

Girls love guys that can make them laugh. There are few things sexier than a sense of humor. Making her laugh is a huge step in seducing a girl through texting. A great way to make her laugh is through gently teasing her. Obviously you don't want to hurt her feelings, so don't tease her about anything serious. You can be playful and cute by teasing her about something little and silly.

When it comes to texting, remember that emojis are your friend. You can use a funny emoji to make her laugh or to let her know you're joking. The right emoji can make the difference between being funny or just seeming like a weirdo.

3. Appropriate Timing

Make sure that you are texting her at appropriate times. You don't want to text her too often, otherwise she'll think you're annoying. You also don't want to text her at times that she may be busy, because then you'll be interrupting her and definitely not making a good impression. Here's three things to consider when deciding to text a girl:

  • Don't overdo it. If you send her ten texts in a row, she'll think you're a creep. …a creep with no life.
  • Be considerate. Don't text her at three in the morning when she's probably sleeping.
  • Give her a chance to respond. If she hasn't replied to your last text yet, don't text her again. She might be busy and it could take some time for her to reply.

4. Keeping it Brief

When you're trying to seduce a girl through texting, you want to keep it short and sweet. Your texts should not be long essays that go over everything you did that day. That will just bore her to death. You want your messages to be short and concise. You can ask her how her day is, or you can tell her something funny. Don't give her every little detail of your life, otherwise she'll lose interest in you. If you keep it short and simple, you'll also create a mysterious image of yourself. She'll want to find out more about you and see what it is you haven't told her yet.

5. Remember Your Main Goal

When you're texting this girl, don't forget what your main goal is. You don't want to just keep texting back and forth forever. You really like her and eventually want to spend time with her, right? After spending some time seducing her through texts, when the time is right, ask her to go out some time. If you can never get up the courage to ask her to hang out in person, then all of your text message seduction will have been for nothing. Keep this goal in mind when you are messaging her.

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