5 Things About Your Affair That Might Seem Unique, But Actually Aren’t

So, you are having an affair. You are in love. You feel alive. You feel like you are on top of the world. Life feels great!  Unfortunately, it really isn’t. You see, you aren’t the only person having an affair. There are thousands of other guys having an affair just like you. You might tell yourself your affair is special. It’s unique. But the truth is – it just isn’t. If you understand that your affair isn’t only special or unique, it also doesn’t have much power over you.

Below are five things about your affair that you think are special but actually aren't:

1. You have found your soul mate.

Sure, you have met a woman unlike any you've ever known before. This person loves you, knows you deeply, and truly understands you. She can gaze into your eyes and read your soul. Sadly, that’s not what you and your girlfriend are feeling. It’s the rush of the “feel-good” chemicals that are released when two people connect emotionally and physically. If you are having an affair, it’s highly likely that you have been in a relationship or marriage which lacked emotional connection, love, sex, and empathy. These are the things everyone has when they are in a truly loving relationship. By having an affair with someone new, you are trying to find what you have been missing in your previous relationships for a long time. It makes you feel better and makes you believe you finally have met your soul mate.

2. No one will catch you!

Everybody thinks that they will never get caught having an affair. But, eventually, everyone having an affair gets caught, and, boy, when you get busted, it will suck. So, have fun while you still can!

3. You will be the priority.

Yes, we know that you and your new girlfriend are obsessed with each other and spend a lot of time together. You both are addicted to each other’s feelings. But, keep this in mind: it won’t last. You both have lives, jobs, responsibilities, partners, families and even kids. You might believe that you will always be the priority, but it just won’t happen.

4. You will live happily ever after.

Yes, there are people who have had affairs and live happy lives. But, for most people, that’s not the case. For many individuals, an affair is just a temporary relief from their crappy relationships or marriages. Getting out of an affair isn’t easy. There are guys who have spent years struggling with their affairs, trying to get out of it and failing. So be prepared for the day when your affair ends. And be glad if it does.

5. You are having the best sex of your life.

Yes, the sex is great. It’s a lot of great sex and it feels amazing. You feel it that way because you haven’t had sex for a long time. But again, it’s the chemicals at play. The newness and excitement of an affair can influence your feelings about the sex. But this isn’t the best sex. You might say affair sex is exciting and amazing, but it isn’t. You will only have the best sex of your life when you make love to someone who you truly love and are committed to.

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