5 Things to Avoid to Have a Long-lasting Relationship

Everyone wants to have a lost-lasting relationship, but many relationships break up because either partner has done something deliberately or unknowingly. Breakups are painful, and its take a lot of emotional and physical toll on lives. So, if you want a relationship that will last, here are five things you need to quit:

1. Stop thinking that your relationship will end or won’t last. If you are having a relationship and keep assuming that the relationship is doomed, then it will. If you genuinely believe that you don’t have a chance to have a meaningful and long-lasting relationship, you will always attempt to sabotage every relationship you get into to end it. For example, you will always show your partner every possible bad behavior that he or she can imagine, so they will have no choice but to leave the relationship.

2. Avoid playing games with your partner. When your partner ask you how you are feeling like, happy or sad, respond to it honestly and in a loving tone. Don’t be rude, yell, or do anything obnoxious that will propel your partner to break up with you. Be supportive, talk to each other, share your happiness and sadness, and don’t manipulative, or demonstrate bad reactions or emotions. Always try to communicate respectfully.

3. Don’t think that only love is enough. Couples who are in a lost-lasting relationship, have more than just love, it’s about supporting and caring about each other in the good and bad times. Love is an attraction, but it’s the commitment, respect, attachment and being joyful in each other company, that makes the relationship last. If you see these qualities in your relationship and your partner likes them, wants to be with you, then you got a relationship that’s worth holding on to.

4. Stop being jealous. Trust, loyalty, and respect are the cornerstones of a long-lasting relationship. Jealousy is possessive demeaning to a relationship. If you can’t fully trust your partner, why did you think of dating them in the first place? If your partner is loyal and faithful, but you have your own issues about getting rejected or dumped in your past relationships, then its time you get your acts together. You don’t have any right to destroy someone else’s esteem with your own feelings of insecurity and baggage. If you are in a relationship, where you find your partner is jealous, and you aren’t doing anything to counter it, then it’s time you end this relationship.

5. Quit thinking your happiness depends on others. The honest truth is you are solely responsible for your happiness. Make friends, travel the world, and get that promotion at work that you duly deserve, eat healthy, be fit and be happy. People want to have the relationship with people who are happy, joyous and content with their lives. So, if you are in a dysfunctional relationship, that’s stopping you from enjoying your life and being happy, quit that relationship. Be with people who loves and wants to be with you for the best reasons.

The takeaway here is no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is miserable, sad, lonely and desperate. The more self-fulfilled you are, the more you care about yourself, the more people want to be with you, and have a relationship with you.

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