5 Things To Look In A Partner If You’re An Anxious Person

Dating a good person will help become the person you wanted to be. A loving partner can reveal the best and the beautiful nature in you. If you’re an anxious person and looking for someone to have a lasting relationship, but don’t know what to look for in a person, below are five traits you need to consider. However, let me remind you this just a rough guideline, nothing absolute.

1. Secure and mature. These people are capable of being emotionally close, are comfortable with themselves, and they have personal interests. Such people also want to have their personal goals and interests. The live their lives in an open and emotionally connected way. This empowers them to acknowledge their mistakes and limitations and their partners as well and is ready to forgive them.

2. A good communicator. People who are good at sharing and listening make good partners. It helps them to develop and maintain close relationships. They’re also good at solving disagreements and problems. They’re also great at identifying and managing their emotions, which is important if you want to connect to a person and have an intimate and emotional relationship.

3. Appreciative behavior. Only falling in love doesn’t always result in a long-term relationship. Your relationship will only last, if your partner respects and values you, and express his or her feelings about you in some way. Your partner must show an interest to know you better and explore your personal interests and goals.

4. The right fit. Part of being in a relationship is enjoying spending time together. And it can only be worthwhile if the two of you share some common interests or activities that you can enjoy doing together. It can be anything like reading, watching romantic flicks, cooking or even having engaging and deep conversations. Sharing and respecting each other values and personal interests in also necessary for a committed, long-term relationship. The more of those values play in your daily life, the more valuable it becomes to share it with your partner. For example, if one partner wants to have kids and the partner totally opposes, then it’s a disaster. Or, if one partner is determined to have a relaxed or nomadic career or lifestyle – like a traveling reporter or an artist – the relationship will only see a happy ending if the other person is supportive of his or her’s partners choice.

5. Mature and ready to be in a relationship. You partner should be determined to make his or her relationship a priority. It means dedicating time and attention to it when you’re physically together and far way. It also includes sex and emotional intimacy as a vital aspect of an intimate relationship that compliments each other. Lastly, a potentially good partner will believe that both people are responsible for each other’s happiness.

Don’t pass a date which is your opinion has a nice but boring personality. Most people when they’re nervous often, rush things and equate their anxiety with being in love. So, it’s highly possible that the “nice but boring” person might actually be the right person for you, even though they don’t “excite” you in the first date.

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