5 Things Men Wish They Could Tell Women

It’s a perplexing issue that has plagued humanity, or should we say, women, since humans came into existence – What actually goes on in a man’s mind? What exactly is he thinking? We believe that we can give a short explanation of what men want to tell women. Here it goes:

1. I am not afraid of commitment
It’s a general stereotype that guys are afraid of commitment in a relationship. That’s not, but men will only commit in a relationship if they’re sure and confident about it. It’s been reported that men are more likely than women to prefer marriage than being single. Men are also interested in having serious family relationships just like women in many ways. So, set aside all the myths and presumptions ideas about men and commitment.

2. I have feelings too!
Men have feelings also. It’s just challenging for them to express it. Societies have always defined men as unemotional, insensitive, and oblivious to emotions and responsibilities. This may apply to some men, but it’s not an empirical truth. The fact is that our societies encourage men to suppress their feelings, emotions and teaches that a real man should be the strong, bold and silent type. Another thing to ponder is that most guys who grew up without a father understood his emotions and knew how to express them. Also, wise women know that men have plenty of feelings, they just need the right time and space to express them.

3. Yes, I have testosterone running through my body, but that doesn’t mean I am always looking sex
Most women think that all guys do thinking about having sex with any women they meet. Yes, some guys think about sex every second all the time. But, this might surprise you that most men believe that sex is something that should take place under the right circumstances, and at the right time, and of course, with the right person. The point here is to dismiss a preconceived cultural myth, that not every man is an uncontrollable sex maniac.

4. I need my freedom and independence, but I fear she’ll take it away!
All men need a space of their own. They want their freedom and their independence. But, a lot of guys think being in a committed relationship will make them lose all of it, and their girlfriends will become their prison wardens. Men fear being trapped and stuck. This is the reason most men feel really unsure and uncomfortable of committing to a relationship, despite the fact that they're dating their partners for a long time. Men will only commit if they’re absolutely sure, this is the woman they want to get married and settle down. Women who know this give their spouse enough space, before and after marriage.

5. I want to be able to talk about my desires, concerns, and opinions without fearing an emotional backlash.
When dating someone, guys have tons of things to say to their partners. But, most of them hesitate and withhold what they want to say. Why? Because of the potential emotional backlash, men would receive if they expressed their opinions and thoughts about their partner’s unflattering dress, her lack of skills, eating habits, and so on. Guys worry about the about the response they’ll receive. We won’t deny that some men do cross the limits while talking about sensitive issues. But it’s also true that many guys are more willing to pitch in their thoughts if they were assured that doing so won’t result in an emotional explosion of nuclear proportions.

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