Online Deception: 5 Things People Lie About On Their Online Dating Profiles

Online dating can be a real danger zone. There are some people on online dating sites that you should totally stay clear of, but how can you tell who they are? One way to tell is if their online dating profile is riddled with lies. It can be difficult to figure out what the lies are, though! To make things easier, here are five topics that people frequently lie about on their online dating profiles:

1. Where They Work

One of the main things people lie about online is what their occupation is. In an attempt to make themselves look better, people will often claim to have a very prestigious job. They may also lie about the position they are in at a company that they do actually work for. For instance, someone might say they are the boss at a store where they are actually a cashier.

2. What They Look Like

This is the most common thing that people lie about. People want to look appealing online, so they may use fake pictures or just describe themselves differently than they look. They will often pretend to be taller, skinnier, or just overall more attractive than they are in reality.

3. How Old They Are

A very common thing that people lie about on their online dating profiles is their age. People who feel that they are too old to find someone to date may pretend that they are younger than they really are. You may also find the reverse, where people who are underage and should not even be on dating sites in the first place lie about their age so that they can meet someone.

4. What Their Interests Are

On online dating profiles, people may lie about what their interests and hobbies are. If someone doesn't have many hobbies, or if they are insecure about their hobbies for some reason, they make say that they are interested in other things. For instance, if someone feels that their hobbies are “nerdy,” they may lie and say that they are interested in sports or thrill-seeking instead of reading and writing.

5. What They Want In A Partner

This is something that people will begin lying about if they are having trouble finding what exactly what they are looking for. Someone may really be looking for a person with no kids who is between the ages of 25 and 30, but if they can't find this person, they may say that “kids are okay.” It could be that they truly changed what they are looking for, or it could be that they are lying about their true desires just so they can find someone.


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