5 Things to Remember If You Are Dating While Unemployed

It can happen to anyone. And it happens to good people too. We get laid off, fired or decide that it’s time we move on to the next job or change our careers. The news can be scary or good, that depends on you. Either way, life goes on, and you don’t want to be out or love or your love life to stop simply because you’re in a ‘career transition.'

Here are five tips that will motivate you to stay upbeat and have fun, even when you’re feeling the pressures of you being out of work, or in a job transition.

1. Remind yourself that this is temporary. You will find a job and work again. Stay motivated and be realistic that searching for a suitable job takes time. So, it’s important that you stay cheerful and have fun so that you can be a positive, balanced and interesting person when you talk to potential employers and other people while looking for a job or face interviews. Searching for jobs or looking for a new career, helps you to stay current on what’s currently happening in the area of your work, what new skills are in demand, and so forth.

2. Use your free time of being unemployed to explore new ways of working. Reconnecting with what you really love doing and want, will make you fall in love with your job again. Amp up your interest and passion in your work will make feel alive and rejuvenated. Learn new skills that are in demand, which will make more marketable and be demanding to your future employers. Use your free time to search for business, trade shows and read magazines that will expose you to new people and organizations. Who knows, you’ll also meet your future partner there!

3. Use your free time getting to know someone special before your job begins. Sooner or later, you’ll be back at work soon. So, enjoy all the free time you’ve now to date, take your love interest to dinner dates, and get to know your special one better. Just remember not to keep your expectations unrealistic.

4. Get real. Every one of us has been through a job transition or looking for jobs. You tell other people about what it’s like going to this critical phase in life based on your experiences. However, keep in mind not to share details about deepest fears of being unemployed, or bash your previous employer or company for you losing your job. It means that what you’re looking for, what you hope for, and aspire to do in your next job. Even better you can have fun by asking your date to take mock interviews with you. It’s a good way to know someone!

5. Necessity is the mother of invention. It's fine if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on dates or while searching for work. Get involved in activities that you won’t normally do when you were doing a regular job. Be creative and easy on your finances, while having fun. Rather than checking that new restaurant, and watch movies – order some food, go to the theater in the park, have a drink and take a stroll on the beach. You can also attend a lecture or a networking function, which can help meet new people both for work and potential partners as well.

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