5 Things That Will Lead to a Happy Marriage

A happy, successful marriage depends on many things. Having unquestionable trust between partners is one of the important ones. If you want a fulfilling marriage, both of you must know how to create this type of trust. If you ask most couples what they think of trust in a relationship, most will tell you that it means to be sexually faithful. Sure, you can cheat when you are married, but there's more to the definition of trust than just infidelity. It’s been revealed that strong, healthy marriages have five distinct kinds of trust among the partners.

Below are five things that create trust and lead to a happy marriage:

1. You both will make your marriage a top priority.

Partners should trust each other when they promise to love, care, honor and cherish one another. Be respectful of your relationship, don’t neglect it, and don’t take each other for granted. If the two of you don’t prioritize your relationship and spend too much time and energy on other things, it will break the trust. Therefore, prioritize what’s important in your relationship and keep your priorities clear. Make your spouse and marriage your top priority.

2. You will not harm, reject or control one another.

You need to have an atmosphere of security and safety in your relationship for trust to thrive. If you hurt each other, either physically, emotionally, verbally, and even spiritually, and then reject one another, it will create fear in your marriage. This undermines trust. Don’t control your spouse; it will create distrust. Don’t be possessive of your partner. Filling your love with neediness, clinginess, and possessiveness will push your partner away.

3. You love each other without ulterior/hidden motives.

Make sure you and your significant other love each other for the sake of being loved. Ensure that both of you don’t have any ulterior/hidden motives behind it. This includes your appearance, your money, your possessions, your friends, your family, etc. Don’t consider your partner as someone who will make you feel superior as a buffer when you feel lonely, alone or unhappy.

4. You will not abandon each other when you are angry or during conflicts and disagreements.

There is no relationship or marriage without conflicts and disagreements. Anger, arguments, and conflicts are inevitable in all relationships. The best thing you can do is to express your anger and arguments without bringing the fear of abandonment. When you are angry or disagree with your spouse for some reason, work it out without using the threat of divorce against them.

5. You will both be sexually faithful.

Sex is important no matter what kind of relationship you are in. If you and your spouse don’t have trust in your sexual fidelity, your marriage will become unworkable. Sure, partners can get over or recover from an affair or cheating, but you might need professional help you with it. Be committed to your spouse. Honor your wedding vows to remain sexually loyal. If you are unhappy in your marriage, having an affair or cheating won’t make you happy. Instead, consider counseling.

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