5 Things Your Wife Secretly Wished You Did More Often

Have you ever wondered how to make your wife happier? Do you think about some of the things you can do to add joy to your relationship? Our wives will often give us clues to do things for them or ask us for favors such as helping around the house, but sometimes our significant others would just want their partners to do things without having to ask for them. Yes, this can be a bit challenging and unrealistic, but it also an excellent way to show your wife that you love by knowing her needs and wants.

Below are five things your better half probably wished you did more often:

1. Fix Things Around The House
There might be a leaky faucet or a broken curtain rod around your house that need instant repair, but doesn’t want to ask you about it every weekend or told you to fix it, but she hasn’t forgotten about it either. So, free up some time this weekend or any other day, and make the repair either by yourself or by a professional. She’ll be happy and glad to see that it’s done.

2. Cook Dinner
Rather than always asking her, “What’s for dinner?” every night, prepare dinner yourself sometimes for her and the family especially when she has hectic nights. You don’t have to go over the top or cook something fancy. She’ll appreciate that you’ve taken care of it, so doesn’t have to deal with it.

3. Plan Surprise Dates
Your significant other already had a bunch of fun date ideas she’d like to do with you. It’s highly likely that she even had a conversation about these ideas now and then without you even realizing. Therefore, the next time she brings up a name of a new movie or a new restaurant her friends went to, note it down. Later, surprise her by taking her on a date to one of those places.

4. Open up About Your Feelings
Most women often think that they’ve to ask and nudge if they want to get a man talking. So, work on your communication skills without her having to ask you a lot of questions. Open up and share your feelings and thoughts about a particular situation. For example, if you’re thinking about quitting your job or about switching jobs, tell her about your uncertainties and reservations. If you’re having a baby or expecting another child, talk about your excitement and fears with her. Your wife is always there for you and wants to know how you are feeling about things or situations, and she doesn’t always prefer to hint it out for you.

5. Tell her why you love her
Your wife knows very well that you love her and care for her. But, when you’re in a relationship, there are times when we all can feel insecure, and at those times we can all use a little reminder, which also includes your wife. So, tell her now and then, that she’s doing a fantastic job at home, at work, and with the kids or whatever she’s doing that she counts as her day-to-day responsibilities. Let her know what you love and appreciate about her, and tell her how thankful you’re to her for being a part of your life. Try to please her physically and mentally as well.

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