5 Things Women Want From Their Future Husband Without Asking

You probably know that women prefer men who initiate and not afraid to take charge. They want who can make date plans, travel plans, have his own interests, voice his opinion and have his own set of goals. They want someone adventurous and can teach them new sex tricks in the bedroom. They want a partner, who can ground them, stay by her side during the hard times, and bring the best out of them.

Below are five things ladies want to see in their future partners:

1. You should make plans
Sometimes women feel disappointed when guys repeatedly ask them about making plans such dinner dates, travel plans without offering any ideas of their own. Listen, guy; your girlfriends aren’t your assistants. They aren’t responsible for crafting dates or trips on their own; it will be draining for them. Relationships are all about gives-and-takes. So, it’s better for men to charge in this department. Make plans by yourself when you are taking your girlfriend for a dinner date or a trip. Text her, and tell her about it so that she can prepare herself. Do this every time, and it will light up any girl’s face.

2. You should be protective
Women want their partners always to have their back. If she’s sick, you should comfort her, be at her bedside or make her a bowl of soup. Keep in mind; she will do the same for you when you are sick. You should show her she feels secure when you are by her side, and you will look out for her in any situation. In other words, she wants you to her personal bodyguard.

3. You should tell her when she pisses you off
Only cowards withhold their emotions. If you are someone who keeps all your thoughts and feelings bottled up inside of you and don’t share them with your significant other, remember, it can tank your relationship. A real man doesn’t hesitate to tell his partner how he feels so that he can address, resolve and avert problems in the relationship.

4. You should be brave and driven
While looking for a future husband, women prefer guys who will be able to keep up with her. They want someone brave, who will hold her hand when she jumps out from an airplane. Besides, a man also expects the same from his future wife too. That’s why we see couples working out together in the gym. If you are supportive of her, she will support you in return. Also, just supporting your girlfriend isn’t enough to sustain your relationship in the long run. You should be passionate about your career, intelligent, and ambitious. You should always look for ways for self-improvement.

5. You should teach her something new in bed
Women want sex just as much as men. But, they want a man who will introduce them to new sex positions and tricks. So, when you want to get frisky with your girlfriend, open the door for her, carry her to the bed, and pull out her hair. Tell her sweaty sex stories, and dazzle her with intensive orgasms.

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