5 Things You Shouldn’t Apologize For While Dating

Do you often find yourself apologizing, subconsciously or consciously? To most men and women, being sorry for something and everything has become a habit. It’s difficult to get rid of. Persistently shaming yourself lowers your self-esteem, confidence, and often at times also makes you look unattractive to potential partners.

So, boost your courage and stop being sorry for these five things:

1. I won’t apologize because I expect you to communicate. Despite the numerous benefits, there are some significant drawbacks when it comes to online dating. Though men and women regularly exchange messages; there are hardly any face-to-face interactions between the matches. Besides, some messages can be rude, annoying and downright ridiculous. At times, some of us step up and speed up the conversation, and later apologizing for going ahead too soon. The fact is there isn’t anything to be sorry about. We should date someone who is a talker, and ask meaningful, interesting questions, and give appropriate decisions. Communications is a two-way street. Therefore, don’t be sorry that you want someone who can communicate.

2. I won’t apologize because I have deal breakers. It’s perfectly fine that you weren’t attracted to someone. Maybe you didn’t like their height, their habits, personality, etc. It might be you both didn’t have any chemistry. It’s okay if you’re picky and only want to date someone who is ambitious, loving and has a great family. So, don’t be sorry for being ‘too choosy’ or ‘you just happen to have high standards.'

3. I won’t apologize for being honest. Most of us laugh at jokes, that aren’t funny, rude, or inappropriate. We also tagged along on a conversation we have no interest in. But now I am excited to share, no scared to argue and express my beliefs. If my date finds it offensive, then maybe he or she needs to change their attitude, and if they can’t, I will politely opt out. I don’t want to laugh or have another drink with him because I am not interested, and if it hurt his feelings, then it’s his problem. I won’t be sorry for being honest and what I believe in.

4. I won’t apologize that I still want romance. Call me old-fashioned, but kind, thoughtful gestures, such as opening the door for me, is still necessary for me. While all these gestures have become more and rarer while dating in the digital age, the truth is there is still something sexy and gratifying about romance and mystery. I would like my date to ask about my life in person, and express how he feels about instead of searching me on Google and texting me now and then. These gentlemanly acts make me feel appreciated, loved and connected. I won’t be sorry for it.

5. I won’t apologize that I want real love. It is okay if you’re looking for a committed, loving relationship, and won’t just date anyone else. You want an exclusive relationship with someone special, rather than wasting your time energy on a fleeting relationship.

We know that’s it not in your nature to stand up and speak your mind, your views, and opinions, emotions, etc. But, when you’re dating someone, your date will be impressed and appreciate your honesty, insecurity, and willingness to be open about your thoughts and feelings.

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