5 Tips on Dating Someone Who Is Newly Single

It’s not uncommon to find someone who has met someone, just to see that he or she has just broken up from a relationship. If you tell your family or friends about this, most of them will say this isn’t going to work as you’re just a rebound. It’s true to some extent, as this person isn’t someone you should be dating right away. It isn’t impossible, but you should play it safe. So, how are you going to start a relationship with someone who has just recently come out from a relationship?

Here are five tips for you start with:

Tip #1: Don’t Rush

Picture this: you’ve met a girl you like, but she's just ended her relationship a couple of weeks ago. If you want to protect yourself, handle things carefully and slowly. Meet with the new person only once a week. If you rush to spend a few night within a week, it’s just plain unwise, and it’ll have some terrible consequences. If you take things too fast, you’ll have a mental breakdown; you both will have a bad argument, and finally break up. This won’t happen if you’ve kept your expectations and emotions in control.

Tip #2: Avoid Sexual Intimacy

Don’t engage in any sexual activity with someone who just came out from a relationship. After the relationship ends, some people tend to rush into this intimate area too soon with someone they met, because their last experience wasn’t satisfying towards the end. However, don’t let anyone exploit you and make sure that the newly single person you’re dating is attracted to you emotionally, not only sexually.

Tip #3: Do Not Establish A Monogamous Relationship Right Away

It’s too early and probably a bad idea too, to talk about having a monogamous relationship with the person who just came out from a relationship. At first, you date a newly single person very casually in so that you can know him or her better and figure out if the both of you have all of your interests and priorities aligned. This is important if you want to have a committed and long-lasting relationship.

Tip #4: Communicate With Your New Love Interest About Their Past Relationship

This point is critical as you don’t want to talk about your new love interest regarding the details of his or her past relationship as it isn’t relevant to the new relationship. But it’s okay to ask about his or her thoughts and feelings and what lessons did they learn from their past relationship. It will help you about the type of relationship you’re getting into and what you can do to make this relationship healthy and long-lasting.

Tip #5: Don’t Hurry To Meet The Family

If you’re dating a new person, sooner or later, you’ll have to meet his or her family, friends and even coworkers. But, as this person has just started a new relationship, it’s better if you don’t meet his or her family until you both have been dating for a few months. The same applies to your side.

Overall, it’s hard to tell if the new person you’re dating will be the right match for you to have an exclusive relationship because it takes more than a few months to get to known a person. However, if you two can hit it together, then who knows, this relationship might turn out to be a lasting one!

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