5 Tips That Will Help You Date an Over-Thinker

When it comes to dating and relationships, we want someone who's honest and straightforward. But sometimes we have the tendency to overthink and struggle with it. So, who is an over-thinker? An over-thinker is just a person who needs to have a little extra reassurance in their relationship. For some men and women, this is a little extra work for their partners. However, if you make the extra effort in your relationship with an over-thinker, it will be very rewarding.

Below are some things you need to know to make your relationship work if you’re dating an over-thinker:

  1. If you’re looking for someone who will listen to your thoughts, worries, desires, hopes, and dreams, then this is the person you want to have as your life partner. The best people are those who sit there and simply take in everything a person has to say and accept it. And over-thinkers are the kind of people who will do just that.
  2. Some of the things over-thinkers say are irrational, but listen to them anyways. The mind of an over-thinker is anything but simple. Over-thinkers have a tendency to over-analyze everything. They regularly run over details and often freak out at things most men and women won’t find odd or unusual. So, if you happen to have a boyfriend or girlfriend who overthinks and find themselves in situations like this, don’t call them crazy, rather let them vent.
  3. Sometimes over-thinkers are told to relax. Over-thinkers hate this. They only want other people to tell them to stop overthinking when it needs to be. To be honest, over-thinkers are desperate just to inhale some fresh air, exhale all of their worries, and loosen up once in a while. If your girlfriend is an over-thinker, she needs a little help to do that, just like any other overthinking person. When over-thinkers are feeling down or depressed, they need someone to reel them back in. Otherwise, they’ll spiral further down off the ledge, unless someone stops them.
  4. When things aren’t going well, over-thinkers need their partners to tell them they understand. You see, most over-thinkers are accustomed to handling things on their own; it’s the over-thinker's way. But at certain times, it’s nice just to have someone to help carry or handle whatever baggage they have to bear. But more than anything else, over-thinkers just want someone who will be honest and respectful of them, and someone who is going to stay, and they’ll always be appreciative and reciprocate that loyalty.
  5. Over-thinkers want to have partners who are honest and straightforward. They want to date and be in a committed relationship with someone worthy of their time and love. And once they get that from their spouses, they have a lot to give. There’s no doubt that over-thinkers worry about anything and everything. That being said, if you say something to an overthinking individual, he or she will become busy decoding all possible meanings. And, often, they’ll probably create a problem that isn’t even there to start with. So, if you say something significant regarding your relationship to your overthinking girlfriend, be open, honest and direct.
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