5 Tips On How To Use Your Phone While On A Date

Normally, we aren’t the kind of people who thinks a lot about etiquettes. But, sometimes there are circumstances where maintaining proper etiquette is important and can mean all the difference in turning your date into a relationship or getting out of it due to bad behavior.

Here we will talk about what is the proper phone etiquette while you’re on a date. You’ll have to read on to get through all the details, but if you don’t want to do that, we have a short punch line for you – put that damn phone away!

1. Use your phone when you absolutely need it. Don’t bring out your phone, unless you can get all the required information. Use your phone if you want to book a hotel, reserves a table for the date, buy movie tickets or need directions. Using your phone in these situations is fine.

2. Ask for permission, even when it super important to check your phone. If you ask your new date whether it’s fine to take that call or reply to that text, he/she will really appreciate the move. He/she will feel good that you have asked for their opinion and thought about their feelings.

3. Don’t forget to wear a watch on your date. We know, nowadays, more and more people are using their smartphones as their watch, and a lot of us are checking out the time on our phones, and missed calls and text messages at the same time. However, on a date, checking your phone, now and then, makes people nervous. They think maybe you aren’t enjoying the date or bored, so you’re looking for an excuse to leave or meet up later. So, be polite and avoid doing anything that would make your date look anxious or suspicious.

4. Turn your phone off on the date. We think this is the best way to restrict your temptation to taking out your phone from your pocket or purse as a reflex. Another thing you can to is to activate the “silent” or “vibrate” mode, in case you don’t want to switch off phone entirely. On your first date, you should be polite and do everything possible to impress him or her, and playing with your phone on a date is a big turnoff.

5. Follow proper phone etiquette on the date, if you’ve decided not to see him or her again. If you’ve realized that the person sitting in front of you is the one for you, you might be tempted the pass the time fidgeting with your phone. But, this behavior is utterly disrespectful and narcissistic. Sure, you don’t like him or her, but you don’t have to smear it in their faces that you aren’t attracted or interested in them.

The bottom line is to avoid using your phone as much as possible during the first few dates. If you need to use it, ask for permission from him or her. While dating someone, if you see that your date is checking his or her phone too much, so something in a way that doesn’t get you irritated again.

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