5 Wacky, Yet True Things About Being In Love With Your Best Friend

Let’s start off by telling that the best of relationships first start as friendships. If you are someone who is in love with your best friend of the opposite, you aren’t alone. And it can happen much more easily than you think. We, all someone who we often text about the really awkward dates you went on and sharing all the good and bad things of your life, only later finding yourself feeling to kiss at the end of the night. If this is what you are seeing, be prepared yourself as a lot of things are about to change.

When you fall in love with your best friend and start dating her, you have intense confidence, and determination to make your relationship work. You learn a lot in the process, but you get to lose something too.

Here are five quirky, yet undeniable truths about being in a relationship with your best friend:

1. You know what your girlfriend is thinking all the time
When you are in love with your best friend, you don’t need to bother about trying to read her mind. Why? Because you already know what she’s is thinking or want to say. That’s why you have become friends in the first place. If you have been in a romantic relationship with someone, there will be some over-analyzing, guessing, or nervousness while sending texts to each other. Being in a relationship with your best friend doesn’t have these.

2. Making fun of each other won't stop
Friends make fun and tease each other all the time. I mean, that’s what friends do. Now that you are dating your best friend won’t stop both of to stop making fun of each other. The big difference here is that the teasing will most likely end with a kiss on the lips or forehead. Your best friend aka your girlfriend won’t punch you in the arm this time.

3. A constant fear haunts you
When you have made your best friend your girlfriend, you probably could lose the most important person in your life —your best friend. So, when you have been in a fight with her, you may have to call your mom or another close friend for advice.

4. You both want to spend more time with each other
When you are in love with your best friend, you both want to spend more time with each other. No matter how much time you spend quality time you spend with each other, you still can’t get enough of her. It is okay in wanting to spend the whole day with your girlfriend, but remember that there are other folks, like your family and friends, who need your love and compassion too.

5. Sex feels funny at first
She is your best friend. So, it’s highly likely that you have exchanged many stories about your sexual encounters of your past relationships. You shared this because you know that you will never have sex with your best friend. This made you feel comfortable and laugh at the facts. Now that you are in a relationship with her, and thinking of making love with her makes you feel pretty wild. But, that funny feeling will pass after you have been intimate with her a few times. The romance in the relationship will increase, and the sex will be better than before.

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