5 Ways To Build Confidence While Dating Women

It’s tough for a man, who feels shy, insecure or inexperienced around women to say and do the things rightly to attract her. At times, it can be impossible. If you’re one of those guys, blame your lack of confidence in it.

But, there’s good news. Any man can build up his confidence if he can master these five simple behaviors mentioned below:

1. Be Direct
One big mistake most guys make while approaching women they like is that they aren’t direct enough. Most make the fatal mistake of consistently over explaining or convincing women to date them. If you want to date a woman, tell her directly. If you want to know more about her – ask her. Want her to spend time with you – ask her. Tell her that you have a life, want to be with her, and want to do something together with her that you’re passionate about. Don’t persuade her, be direct.

2. Be Emotional to Things That Are Right!
Women love men who are capable of reacting emotionally to things that are important in his life such as his family, his friends, his career, his interests, his hobbies, etc. If a guy can show real feelings and passion about important things in his life and other, it communicates confidence. But, don’t get upset and emotional about the wrong things like insults, arguments, etc., as it shows that you feel insecure.

3. Take Charge
You’re the captain of your ship; here it’s your life. Take charge of the things you want and passionate about and steer them in the direction that you want it to go. It’s doesn’t matter what decision you’re making such as where to go for a date or dinner, what movie you will watch, and so on. Just decide what you want to do, and go for it! Don’t think too much or ask questions and seek approval of your decisions from others.

4. Stop Asking For Compliments And Approval
Plenty of guys act cool, show off and brag to gain attention and compliments from women they’re interested at. They boast about their achievements. They shower their girlfriends with expensive meals and presents. They trash other guys. But, all this does is it exposes to a woman that you feel insecure, needy and desperate. Stop doing it, and watch your confidence score grow!

5. Disagree In The Right Manner
Sometimes, two people can disagree about something. You can build up your inner confidence by being a good communicator. Don’t be like most men who think that the best way to communicate with a woman is by winning every argument with her, and prove that he’s always right. When you disagree with a woman, use it to your advantage to establish an emotional connection with her. You can do this by asking her how she feels about this, why she feels it that way, learning more about her, and use that knowledge to find new approaches to have more fun with her.

One of the main elements of a healthy, successful relationship is excellent communication. Communicating confidence to a woman is not about to impress or win her. Instead, it’s a weapon to eliminate the desperate, insecure, needy and approval-seeking behaviors that kill the attraction women feel towards men. And replace them with habits that will build deep inner confidence in a man.

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