5 Ways To Get Back The Sexual Chemistry In Your Relationship

So you’ve fallen in love with the person you were interested in. You keep on thinking that you’ll share passion and magnetism of your relationship forever. You’re feeling excited and looking forward to a lifetime of flirtation and sexual intimacy. But, things, sometimes don’t always go as expected. After you get married, your passion starts to cool down. You begin to feel a little panicked when the stagnation lasts longer than anticipated. You start to think whether there’s anything wrong with the chemistry in the relationship. Is your chemistry fizzling? Are you disappointing your boyfriend or girlfriend emotionally and sexually?

But don’t worry. There are many ways you and your significant other can do to bring the chemistry and sexual intimacy back into your relationship. Below are five essential elements for rediscovering the sexual chemistry and building and continually gratifying relationship:

Trust And Safety
Couples who are in trusting relationships are sexually and emotionally attached. Relationships that have the most trust and safety are ones in which both partners can freely and honestly express their concerns, wants, needs, and frustrations without the fear of criticized, judged, or abandoned. Men and women, who are more secure, are highly likely to express their sexual desires and vulnerabilities and tend to be receptive to direct feedback from their boyfriends and girlfriends. This results in a more safe and fearless atmosphere in which both partners are willing to emotionally and sexually explore.

Mutual Respect Is Key
If you want to keep the physical and emotional chemistry between you and partner intact, then respect your partner more. Compatibility among partners fosters bonding, whereas incompatible values ruin the relationship gradually. With mutual respect, spouses are more respectable and appreciative of each other’s personal needs and preferences, even if there are big differences.

Responsiveness Is A Virtue
One of the important acts of being emotionally present and engaged in a romantic relationship is responsiveness. Partners in responsive relationships will reach out to each other when in sorrow or distress. On the flip side, couples who are unresponsive relationships are highly likely to be angry and resentful to each other. Romantic partners in responsive relationships are also more likely than couples in unresponsive relationships, to think sex as a meaningful way of expressing closeness.

Focus On Variety
Stimulating the brain’s reward system by participating in a variety of different activities and experiences makes the sexual expression more appealing. Consider taking a vacation, share a laugh, forge new friendships, attend various cultural activities, and look at things in a new way. All of these activities will make your mundane relationship feeling fresh, and reestablish a new sense of togetherness.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic
Often, couples, who have in a relationship for a while, make a mistake of comparing their current levels of love, passion, and excitement to those days when they first started dating. This kind of thinking reduces the passion in the relationship, lowers one’s self-esteem, and underrated sexual desire. Keep your expectations realistic. Couples must accept that things won’t be the same like before as just like everything else, their relationship is constantly evolving. Those who have successfully transitioned through this critical phase often notice that the frequency of sex might have decreased, but that has been replaced or compensated by sexual and emotional intimacy, which continues to deepen.

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