5 Ways To Overcome Dating Frustration

When you’re looking for someone to date, the search may seem like it’s taking forever to meet your match. Many of us get impatient and frustrated in the process of finding love, and finding love can indeed take a long time to happen. It may seem like love is within your reach, yet it’s far away. Getting impatient and frustrated will only make it harder. But, there is a way to deal with it.

Here are five ways to deal with impatience and frustration with your dating life:

1. Don’t love or settle for an unhealthy relationship. Dating or loving someone just because you’re impatient and everyone is doing it, are only short term fixes. Regardless how much you hate being alone or single, don’t force yourself to love someone who isn’t right for you.

2. Leave your negative feelings and emotions out of your interaction with potential partners. We humans have negative feelings. Having negative emotions isn’t necessarily bad, but leading with them while dating is unattractive. Stop always complaining about your romantic relationships. Develop a habit of committing while dealing with your sadness, anger, and frustrations, and find new approaches to deal with your negative feelings and emotions. Establish positive interactions including messaging, with potential matches.

3. Don’t set a deadline when it comes to finding potential partners. It’s okay to set deadlines in our daily lives, but when it comes to finding love, setting a time limit doesn't always get things done. We understand why most single men and women want to set deadlines to find a mate, as they don’t want to be alone on particular dates or seasons like Valentine’s Day. But, it’s important to find ways to keep yourself motivated, and you may get drowned in frustration, hopelessness, impatience or anger, in case you failed to get someone within your deadline. Try to come up with new strategies to confront your loneliness, and be less self-critical and self-loathing of yourself.

4. Be in full charge of your emotions and behaviors. If you’re motivated, committed and optimistic of your relationship goals, in spite of all the negative feelings and emotions, and inevitable ups and downs, you can a positive change in your life. The way you feel and behave while dating someone depends on the choices you make for yourself and how you put your energy to use.

5. It’s worth waiting for true love. If you look around, you’ll find many happy couples who will tell you things would have been better, and they could have spent more time with their partners, had they met earlier. But, these couples also admitted that they love, and affection they’ve now for their partners is worth the long wait. So, when your mind tells you to love someone or be in a relationship, who isn’t fully right for you, keep in mind that it’s worth waiting and fighting for real love.

When you’re looking for someone, when you're faced with painful emotions and experiences, always stay in the present and be focused on your goals. Acknowledge that impatience, disappointments, anger, and frustration is inevitable while searching for a partner.

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