5 Ways to Remain Romantic After You Become A Parent

A happy and healthy marriage is an essential requirement for any successful family. Just like kids, maintaining a marriage takes plenty of time, dedication, and commitment. Studies show that 92% of married couples experience conflicts in their relationship after the birth of their first child. It’s also been reported that the conflicts get worse as the child grows older. When that occurs, 13% of couples have already separated or divorced. These conflicts don’t only affect the couple, but their children as well. Children are dependent on their parents and they stay happiest when their parents stay together and work on their marriage.

Below are some tips on how to stay romantic after you become a parent and have a successful marriage:

1. Make time for your partner without kids

If you want to have a healthy, long-lasting marriage, you should continue being a lover to your spouse. Don’t think of you and your spouse as parents raising kids together. It won’t help you. Make time for each other without the kids getting in the way. Try to find out what makes her special and keep the passion in your relationship alive. Ask what’s going on in your partner’s life. Sure, being a parent and taking care of the family is necessary, so is staying and growing as lovers.

2. Talk to your partner about things other than parenting

When you make time for each other without the kids, remember to only talk about topics related to each other lives. Be vigilant not to talk about your work, kids or family. Ask your partner what movies or TV shows she wants to watch, what her favorite childhood memories are, what her long-term goals are, what her short-term goals are, what makes her feel more appreciated or loved and so on.

3. Compliment each other every day

You probably know that a compliment can go a long way and doesn’t require any effort. If you want to make the bond in your marriage stronger, acknowledge and appreciate your significant other in all the things she does for the family. Complimenting your spouse daily is an excellent way to make her feel loved and appreciated.

4. Choose a hobby to do together

One of the great ways to grow as a couple is to learn something together. Find a hobby or a fun activity that you both like and enjoy, and stick to it. Some examples of fun activities that the two of you can do are rock climbing, taking cooking classes, working out together, taking dance classes, learning a new language, learning a musical instrument together, etc. The possibilities are endless.

5. Read together

You can increase the intimacy and bond in your marriage by reading together. Cuddle up with your partner in bed and take turns reading. Do this after the kids have gone to bed. Don’t know what to read? Visit a library or your local bookstore and choose a book that interests the two of you. If you are thinking about something more exciting, pick an erotic novel and take turns reading it in bed together.

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