5 Ways To See If A Guy Is Into You

Whether you’re checking out that hunky guy at the bar, or the man you’re having a first date with and thinking that he might be a keeper, you won’t go anywhere unless you know how to tell if a man likes you. Here are five ways that will help you figure it out:

1. Analyze His Body Language

A big clue about whether he's interested in you or not is his body language. Does he lean towards you while you talk? It doesn’t matter if it’s a subtle lead-in or a full-fledged bow. If he leans towards you, then he is interested in you. Also check if he keeps leaning in when you are chatting with him, sitting across the dinner table from him, and so on. If he leans back every time you lean in, then it’s not a good sign.

2. Access His Eye Contact

They say, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” If he is into you, he’ll gaze into your eyes. If someone at the bar makes consistent eye contact with you, then give him something back too. Make eye contact! Let him know you’re interested in knowing him too! It will give him the sign that he can come over and have a conversation. Direct eye contact is a good hint that he’s not only interested in you but also curious to know more about you.

3. He Wants To Be Closer To You

If you’re on a date and discover that he’s looking for every chance to touch you, whether it’s a subtle pat on your arm, knee or shoulder, he probably likes you. These so-called “accidental” touches are done on purpose to convey that the man is into you. If you’re walking through a crowded place or heading to your dinner table at the restaurant, he’ll guide you by putting his arm on your back. It means that he wants to take you to the place you want, but also ensure that it is the same place he is going to. In short, he’s taking care of you.

4. He Is Copying You

When a man copies your actions subconsciously, it can only mean one thing; he is interested in you. If you notice your date brushing his hair back like you at the same time or imitating your gestures at the dinner table, it means he’s building rapport with you.

5. He Wants To Relate To You.

When it comes to falling in love, men and women are drawn to each other when they share common interests. Therefore, if a man is interested in you, he will look for more ways to relate to you. While having a conversation with you, he will share things with you: his hobbies, his views, his life goals, his experiences, and in some cases even his personal secrets. He does all of these things to find common ground with you and see that you’re compatible with him. For example, he will ask you to pick the movie, your favorite dessert, or he will ask whether he can join you for your next yoga class, etc. All these point to him being interested in getting to know more about you!

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