5 Ways to Tell a Guy Likes You By His Starbucks Order

This may sound silly, but it’s totally possible. How can you really tell whether a man likes you? Apart from the stuff that you’ve been reading in websites and books, apparently you can tell if a guy is interested in you by checking out the drink he orders when he goes to Starbucks. We aren’t joking. Seriously, looking at his Starbucks order might be all the hints that you’ll need to figure out if a guy is attracted you.

Here are five signs you need to keep an eye on:

1. If He Orders The Same Thing As You

If a man orders the same items you did when you both are at Starbucks, then he surely likes you. But, the problem might be that he likes you a bit too much. Just like you can tell a lot about a person from the kinds of music he or she listens to, you can get a  lot of information about a person from their Starbucks order. If a guy is taking your order instead of his own, it means he's desperately trying to impress you. It’s sweet, but this behavior makes it hard for you to get to know his real personality.

2. If He Orders Things Not On The Menu

A dude ordering a Starbucks drink or anything that isn't on the menu means he likes you, but this approach won’t work well in the end. It indicates he wants you to want him. He feels insecure a little bit, but he won’t let you know about it. He wants to be Mr. Humble, but he's also trying to be edgy and unique, and ordering a drink that’s not on the list shows that.

3. If He Asks For A Novelty Frappuccino

If you see a guy ordering a novelty frappuccino, it means that he is less interested in you, but is looking forward to staying single. This means he is very trend-obsessed. He is less likely to be worried whether or not you’ve called or texted him back. But, there’s one thing he’s pretty worried about: why his Facebook or Instagram photos aren't getting more likes. He might think you're cute and cool, but he's also too focused to be cool and nice himself and will do anything for it.

4. If He Orders A Plain Black Coffee

A guy who orders black coffee at Starbucks definitely knows what he’s looking for in a woman. This guy is a keeper, ladies! If you see a guy ordering a black coffee, it means that he is more interested in you, but has little to no interest in what he is drinking. He is less fussy when it comes to beverages, and he applies the same principle to relationships. But, there is a catch: he can also be cheap or frugal. So be watchful.

5. If He Orders Tea!

If you’re looking for a date, and happen to be at Starbucks, and see a guy ordering tea, it means that he isn’t afraid to go against the crowd. Or, it could be that he simply doesn't like drinking coffee. A dude ordering tea at Starbucks tells you that he is thoughtful, smart, and sensitive. He likes you, but he’s looking for a serious and committed relationship. So, be careful. Or maybe he just likes tea!

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