50 Questions To Never Ask Single People

what not to say to a single person

We've all been single at some point in our lives. Actually, most of us will be single at numerous points in our life. There's nothing wrong with being single and many people actually enjoy not being in a relationship. With that said, single people can never seem to escape the pestering of their friends and family. It seems like everyone has endless remarks to make about the single lifestyle, and some things can just really get under a single person's skin. Whether you're the solo one or you're just looking to not offend a solo friend, you should check out these fifty questions to never ask single people:

  1. Why are you still single?
  2. Are you finally seeing anyone?
  3. Don't you want to get married?
  4. You know there are plenty of fish in the sea, right?
  5. Don't you think you're getting a little old to be single?
  6. How are you going to support yourself on your own?
  7. Don't you want to have children someday?
  8. Aren't you bored being alone?
  9. Whatever happened to *insert ex's name*?
  10. Aren't you afraid of dying alone?
  11. Who will take care of you one day?
  12. Do you think you'd meet someone if you lost weight?
  13. Why don't you try speed dating?
  14. How hasn't someone grabbed you up yet?
  15. What went wrong in your other relationships?
  16. Aren't your parents disappointed?
  17. Is the single life really any fun?
  18. You don't want to be a spinster, do you?
  19. Have you tried blind dates?
  20. Can I set you up with someone?
  21. Do you go to therapy?
  22. Isn't everyone your age taken already?
  23. When was the last time you went on a date?
  24. Who do you spend time with if you're single?
  25. Are you afraid of being loved?
  26. Have you tried reading dating advice books?
  27. Are you still hung up on your ex?
  28. Are you being too picky?
  29. Don't you feel like a third wheel ever?
  30. Are you putting yourself out there enough?
  31. Do you ever get lonely?
  32. Have you tried online dating?
  33. You're not being promiscuous, are you?
  34. Don't you think it's time to settle down?
  35. Isn't it awful going to weddings alone?
  36. Have you tried Tinder yet?
  37. Are you praying about it?
  38. Are you afraid of failure?
  39. Have you tried a new look?
  40. Aren't all your friends married now?
  41. What are you doing to meet people?
  42. How long has it been since you've had sex?
  43. Have you seen how your ex is doing?
  44. Are you really happy being single?
  45. How do you support yourself on one income?
  46. What do you do on your time off when you're single?
  47. When will you be walking down the aisle?
  48. Have you considered working on your personality?
  49. Why don't you want to be loved?
  50. Do you feel sad all the time?

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