6 Date Ideas Most Women Want You To Try

Meeting someone new for the first time can feel a little awkward. This applies in particular when you have no clue what your date across the table is thinking. So, to all those singles guys, here are six real first date tips most women secretly hope their dates will consider.

1. Leaving Your Phone In Your Pocket
Some guys don’t give much value to the significance of first dates in dating and relationships. They stay glued to their phones checking messages or whatever during the date and it feels awkward carrying on a conversation. This makes women feel that their dates have zero interest in them and the date.

2. Stop Overthinking
Everyone gets stressed out on first dates. So, it’s not only the ladies. It’s easy to overthink about things like what to say, what to wear, time, etc. Let’s talk about time here as this is something most guys get very stressed of. For example, if I show up too early will she think if I am needy or desperate, and if I am late for the date, will she think I am rude, and so on and other insane things like that. Then there are all these weird dating rules that you read somewhere that got into your head, and can’t forget them. The main thing you need to do here is showing up and just be you. Either your date will like you or they won’t. And if they don’t like you, move on and find someone new.

3. There Are No “Who Should Text First” Rules
When you’re dating someone, and if you’re really into her, make sure that she’s into you too. Then, text her later in the night or the following day, and tell her that you had a good time. Don’t put too much importance on that age-old ridiculous tagline, “wait for her to call.” If you like someone let them know about it. Don't wait.

4. Try Something Unexpected
When you’re on your first date, and looking for a conversation starter while having drinks at the bar, trying doing something unexpected. For instance, try playing a complicated card game or teach your date if she doesn’t know how to. You can play an easy game like “Cards Against Humanity” and screw around with it. Obviously, you two don’t have to play correctly, but you’ll have fun and have something to laugh over.

5. Not Allowing Your Friends To Vet Her
We understand how much you value your friend's opinion, but it’s your first date. So, don’t ask your friends to show up and meet her, so you can give them the opportunity to vet her. It’s for the best that you keep things between you and her on the first date.

6. Exploring Hobbies And Interests Together
No doubt, it's crucial to have shared interests among couples when they’re in a romantic relationship. But, sometimes it feels great to make some changes and get outside our comfort zones. So, try going somewhere other than having dinner at a restaurant, drinks at a bar or watching a movie. Suggest a hobby or activity you’re into, like biking or anything that will let the two of you the chance to know each other better and find out how compatible you are.

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