6 First Time Kissing Tips For Men

Like sex, kissing is an important aspect of a committed relationship. If you’re looking for a relationship, but never kissed a girl before or think that you’ve mastered the art of how to give a perfect kiss, it’s still important to know from a woman’s perspective of what makes a man one good kisser. A woman will not acknowledge a man if he doesn’t know how to give a perfect kiss. So, if you want to be in happy, long-lasting relationship, then kissing is something that you should perfect.

Here are six best tongue kissing tips for guys that will help you to establish a truly intimate connection with a woman:

1. Oral Hygiene
This is an important tip not only for men but for women, too. Always make sure your breath is fresh. So brush your teeth before you leave your home and avoid eating onions or foods with onions or garlic in it before the date. To keep your mouth smelling fresh chew some gum on the way. You don’t want your bad breath to spoil your kissing experience with your lady.

2. Smell Nice and Fresh
Kissing is a very intimate affair. So, make sure you smell nice and fresh. If you’ve have been working all day and feel sweaty, take a bath just before going out on your date.

3. Ensure Privacy
Make sure that you’ve some privacy before kissing your new love interest. If you’re hanging out at your friend’s place or in a crowded, go to some place less crowded and noisy before kissing your girlfriend. Sure, kissing in front of other people is uncomfortable, especially when you and your partner are in a serious relationship.

4. Ask For Her Permission
Before kissing a woman, as a guy it is imperative you seek her permission if she’s willing to kiss. However, this isn’t always true. Whether a woman is ready to kiss you or not, you can easily tell that from her body language. If your lady likes you, she won’t resist one kiss from you. And when she isn’t in a mood to kiss, she’ll pull away, when you reach out to her. If you’re feeling uncomfortable kissing her on the lips for the first time, or she feel uneasy to kiss you on the mouth, don’t worry. You can kiss her left cheek, and later slowly on her right cheek, but before that hug her for whatever reason. Either way, do not force it.

5. Close Your Eyes And Feel The Moment
This one is a good kissing tip for guys. Just like sex, kissing is a very emotional and intimate act. Therefore, while kissing, close your eyes and feel the moment. If you keep your eyes open, while kissing your lady, and she sees it, she’ll think that you’re weird and pull away thinking that you aren’t savoring the moment.

6. Use Less Tongue
Using your tongue while kissing a woman is a beautiful and intimate thing, but we would suggest you avoid it when kissing your date for the first time. If you can’t resist using your tongue while kissing, just don’t dive in or push your tongue deep inside her mouth. It’s a bad move, and she might pull away feeling repelled. Just be slow and be sexy.

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