6 Great Things About ‘Old-Fashioned’ Dating

Often, we paint the past with

a golden blush, gleaming over all the imperfections that were pretty much a part of life then. But, it’s also unwise to assume the past as useless, tacky, and out of fashion, that needs to erased and forgotten, particularly when it comes to dating and relationships. Here are six ‘old-fashioned’ ideas about dating that needs to come back:

1. Clear and precise intentions
Back in those days asking someone for a date or dating as a whole was a little straightforward. If a guy asked a woman, it was pretty clear that he was interested. Then the next step was getting ready and steady. The man also asked for that too. We really want love to return to a place with more clarity. We want to go back to the place where we knew where we stood and why.

2. One-on-one meetings
Who doesn’t cherish the idea of going on a date, and not being interrupted by your family, friends, co-workers or your boss, who are constantly attached to by technology? Connecting with our love interests becomes more intimate and emotional if we stay away from the distractions that plague us every day such as our smartphones.

3. Making love meant something else back then
Back in the old days when a man wanted to make love to a woman, he brought her flowers, wrote her poems, praised her beauty and expressed his desire to court her. Well, things sure did change a lot, not for the best of course. Now, the concept of vulgarity has almost become a passé. We sure do need to learn a lot of how to express our deepest and innermost desires to our girlfriends just the way our ‘old-fashioned’ ancestors did.

4. Going steady
Not only had we stepped ahead from our ancestors when it comes to accelerated sexual intimacy, but we also tend to take things pretty quick. If you take things too fast in the relationship, it’s difficult to see if both of you are compatible with other or not.

5. Can I hold your hand?
Back then, the most accepted gesture and the first step to making an intimate physical contact in a romantic relationship was the simplest of all gestures – holding hands. Tell about it today would be a joke. Nowadays, for most new couples, hyper-sexuality has become the new starting point, with most ending up with painful emotional consequences. The reason is pretty obvious as a brand new relationship can’t handle high-voltage sexual urges of both partners, because you need trust to experience such kind of openness, and it takes some time to grow.

6. Slow Down

Most of the young couples will keep rolling their eyes when they hear how dating used to be in the old days. These days most men and women take things too fast too soon in their new relationships. Our grandparents and their parents moved at glacial speeds that won’t only make us crazy, but will also make them blush on how we rush into physical intimacy in our relationships. Balance can only be found in the middle. Therefore, don’t rush!

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