6 Heartbreaking Reasons Why Men Broke Up With Their Long-term Girlfriends

Apart from all the clichés that most relationships end because of infidelity or constant fighting, the reality is that all varieties of romantic relationships fall apart for some reasons. Things get infinitely harder while trying to end a long-term relationship whose romance burned out slowly. It’s very rare to hear long romances to collapse, but nonetheless, it’s baffling and shocking to many.

Here are a few reasons men explain why they had to end relationships they have been for the long haul:

1. I Was Much Close To My Co-Worker Than My Girlfriend
Some men end their long-term relationships when they realize that they were closer to someone at work than he was with his partner. They think that it’s wrong, even after they didn't cheat or anything. They had to end the relationship because they were looking forward to seeing this co-worker than seeing their girlfriends, and that was a problem.

2. My Girlfriend Was Too Boring
Some men end their long-term relationships because they felt bored, or their girlfriends were boring, or they failed to make their relationships interesting. These guys also told that they tried to ask their girlfriends to make their relationships interesting, but their effort just wasn't there, and their partners wanted to be comfortable. They key here is you can’t change anybody.

3. I Just Hated Her Parents
Like it or not, our parents play a major role in and out when it comes to dating and relationships. They can control and influence the decisions that we make in our relationships. We aren’t telling that it’s all bad, but things can become messy if it's getting out of control. Men end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends after they discover they have to deal with their partners for everything and how they controlled her all the time.

4. I Just Wanted To Be Single, Honestly!
Sometimes guys end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends when they have an epiphany that they aren’t full ready to be committed relationship, get married, have kids, and so on and so forth. They still love their partners very, but their souls are yearning to be single again. They feel like they needed to get out and figure out who they really are as an adult as they started to think that being a couple have robbed them of their identity.

5. I Am A Serial Cheater
Some men are just cheaters. They can’t be in a monogamous relationship, end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends because they feel guilty about it. Whenever they are left alone, or their girlfriends are out-of-town for something or visiting their family and friends, they stupidly wanted to have sex with someone else.

6. The Romance Fizzles Out, And Their Girlfriends Don’t Love Them Anymore
Sometimes, when you’re dating someone or in a long-term relationship, the romance and the intimacy just fizzles out, and he or she doesn’t love each other anymore. Some men end their long-term relationships with their girlfriends, as their significant other thought; the relationship has no future, despite both doing their best to save the relationship.

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