6 Phrases Your Girlfriend Needs to Hear Other Than “I Love You”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating your girlfriend for two weeks or two years, sometimes we downplay the importance of those three magical and romantic words, ‘I love you.'  Well, you should never do it. But while saying “I love you” is necessary, other phrases are equally as important, and every one of them has a positive effect on your relationship.

Here are seven phrases that you can tell your girlfriend other Than “I love you”:

Phrase #1: “You can do it.”

One of the most important roles we can play in our lives while being in a committed relationship is being a cheerleader. When you’re ready to go ahead and take on a big project, it’s time for your significant other to bring out those pom-poms and cheer you on. And in this case the significant other is you.

Phrase #2: “I’m proud of you.”

When you see your girl finish that last bite of a healthy salad instead of having those greasy pizza slices or the usual donuts, the best thing you can do as a man is to swell with pride and tell her how she kicks ass or rocks. Most people feel better when they’ve done something impressive, but saying how great they are will make them elevate to experience a new level of  ‘awesomeness.'

Phrase #3: “You’re beautiful.”

We all know how kind and encouraging it is when someone we love compliments us, and we all have experiences with how hurtful insincere compliments can be. But nothing makes a woman feel better and more loved than when her man says; “You’re beautiful” to her as she wakes up in the morning with her unwashed mascara smudged all over her puffy eyes and rolled down her cheeks because she knows very well that he means it.

Phrase #4: “I appreciate and support you.”

Your partner gets a lot of things done at home. She takes out the trash when it’s full, feeds the dogs, rearranges your shoes and socks, and so on. Sometimes she wants you to appreciate her. It’s nothing special. She’s not trying to be desperate and it’s certainly not about recognition. But, if you appreciate her and acknowledge all the things she’s done or is doing in the relationship, you can turn even the mundane tasks into something more special. If a lady knows that there a man has got her back, you know there’s nothing she can’t do.

Phrase #5: “Let me take you on a date.”

Routines kill passion in the relationship. So, if you’re tired of binge watching your favorite TV series on Netflix, plan on taking your girlfriend out for a dinner date or have a romantic, candlelit, home-cooked dinner in the comfort of your home. This will make her think that you’re making an effort to keep the spark in your relationship alive and roaring.

Phrase #6: “I’m sorry.”

This is a phrase that most couples who are married or in relationships keep tossing out at each other so many times that it seems to have lost its significance. When you say you’re sorry to your spouse it should mean you feel bad for all the things that happened in the relationship, take responsibility for your part and ensure that it never happens again.

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