6 Places You Should Never Meet A Woman And Ask For A Date

If you want a relationship, you need to get out there and meet people. Nobody will deliver your girlfriend to you. Fair enough. Now you are probably asking which place I should go to meet girls and ask them out for a date. Or in other words, what are the places you should go to hit on someone? You might be wondering do places like these exist? Yes, there are some places that you should, under no circumstances try to ask a woman.

Below are the locations you should never, ever, think of asking out a woman unless you want to keep your dignity intact.

1. A funeral
Sure, the passing of a loved one doesn’t turn off your thoughts of love and sex; we just think you should not have a conservation that is related to dating and relationship during a funeral. It’s simply good manners. Funerals are the places to strip away our egos and focus on someone who passed away. So, try to keep it in the pants and focus on the eulogy.

2. The gym
Ah! Gyms. The place where many young men and women congregate, workout and do their best to keep themselves in shape. People are sweaty, exhausted and their bodies are sore for all the lifting and running on the treadmills. If you see someone attractive before you approach them, keep in mind that they are not in the mood to strike up a flirty conversation with you.

3. On a plane or a boat
It feels amazing if you have joined the mile high club if that was your life goal. But, meeting girls on planes and asking them to date you will make the whole situation messy, not to mention horrendous. The same rule can be applied while trying to flirt with strangers on a boat or yacht. It’s better for you from not getting involved into compromising situations with unknown women where you don’t have an easy exit strategy a few feet away such as in a plane or a boat.

4. A job interview
This one is a no-brainer. People are stressed during job interviews. It doesn’t matter that the girl sitting in front of you looks like Scarlett Johansson or Megan Fox, this is no place to give them half-smiles or sideways glances.

5. Your therapist's chamber or office
We all have visited therapists once or more, or still going to one to deal with various problems regarding our jobs, life, or relationships. But, it is a bad idea to slip your phone number to an attractive woman leaving your therapist’s office. Though this might sound harmless, things can really go wrong when your therapist finds that you are sleeping with one of his or her patients.

6. The emergency room
This is a worse place to flirt with a woman. Emergency rooms are associated with agonizing pain, death, not to mention those ugly, depressing, beige walls. So, it’s not at all a smart move approaching a girl and asking her out while she’s sitting in an uncomfortable chair looking all worried. People in these situations want to be alone and undisturbed. So, if you find someone in that situation, no matter, how hot or sexy she is, just leave her alone.

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