6 Reasons to Date an Emotionally Complex Woman

The qualities of emotionally complex woman are a mixture of many emotions. These type of women can express their feelings deeply and sincerely. Some of the qualities are passionate, opinionated, and captivating. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s full of drama or has a hard time controlling herself. An emotionally complex woman simply means that she is a thinker. She feels an instantaneous attraction to men who are thinkers and feelers. She likes men who appreciate her intellectual conversations, banters, thoughtful debates, and delicate gestures. Overall, it’s great to be in love with an emotionally complex woman.

Here’s six reasons why men should date an emotionally complex woman:

1. An emotionally complex woman is not only fascinating, she’s interested in you.

While on a date with an emotional woman she’s less interested in what kind of job you have, what kind of car you drive, where you vacation or how much your salary is. She’s much more interested in knowing why you choose to do what you do with your life. She wants to know if you are happy with yourself and what other interests you have. She’s more than happy to tell you about herself, but she will only do it if she feels motivated and likes what you tell her. This is how she connects with other people.

2. An emotionally complex woman is never boring.

You will never feel distracted or bored when dating an emotionally complex woman. An emotional woman feels alive most of the time. Whether she’s trying a new cuisine, tasting a new wine, trying new moves in the bedroom or talking about the fun she had the other day, this is a lady who is enthusiastic about life. She wants to have fun with every experience she comes across.

3. An emotionally complex woman follows her passions.

Whether she’s pursuing her goals or passions, fighting for a cause, falling in love, or simply doing something she likes, she engages in it fully. She pays full attention to it and believes in it. A complex woman is always loyal to her goals, passions, and interests.

4. An emotionally complex woman knows who she is.

Yes, emotionally complex women tend to overthink things. Sometimes this can create frustration and conflicts in the relationship. A woman who is overly emotional analyzes, thinks and feels much more than anyone else, and this is a good thing. This characteristic of her's gives her the ability to understand what she likes, dislikes, needs, wants and should stay away from. She will be straightforward about what she feels about herself and won’t waste anyone’s time because she fully understands herself.

5. An emotional woman is less drama.

You would think the qualities of an emotional woman would make her behave erratic, but it’s the opposite. Emotionally complex women are wise and mature, and this allows them to quickly figure out what’s relevant and meaningful and what needs to be left out.

6. An emotional woman has no interest in superficial relationships.

An emotionally complex woman wants to have fun and let loose sometimes, but she prefers to do it around people she knows, trusts, and is interested in. She doesn’t have the attitude for casual relationships or one-night stands. She wants something meaningful, something bigger in life, love, career, and relationships, such as marriage. So keep that in mind when dating a woman who is emotionally complex.

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