6 Signs That Indicate You Aren’t Ready For A Relationship

6 Signs That Indicate You Aren’t Ready For A Relationship

So you want to be in a relationship, but are you emotionally ready to be in one? Taking a look at ourselves is challenging, but it’s a smart and rewarding. Lots of people are so eager to find someone to be their better halves that they forget the fact they might not be ready for commitment. Just because you had an epiphany that you want to be in a relationship, doesn’t always make you ready for one. Being in a relationship and wanting to someone to share your life with isn’t the same thing.

Here are some signs that show that you might not be ready for a relationship:

1. You’re attracted to the wrong person

You’re always getting attracted to someone who isn’t right for you again and again. Even after your friends and family have warned that this person isn’t the one to have a relationship, you still are dating them. However, it doesn’t take very long to realize that you’ve made a wrong decision all along.

2. You only feel happy if you’re dating “someone.”

You’re invited to a family or friend’s dinner party or any social event, but as you don’t have a date to escort you, you skip it altogether. It is a very terrible reason to get into a relationship. First, learn how to be happy with yourself. How can you make a person happy, if you’re miserable in the first place?

Some women believe that they need to find someone to get on with their lives. This is where the drama starts. These women date someone who is unhappy and dysfunctional, and they try their best to “fix” them. In fact, they’re more of a therapist, then a girlfriend. On the other hand, you may want someone to save you from all of your life’s problems.

Remember, before you jump into a real relationship, it’s crucial that you get rid of all the messy issue in your life. Otherwise, you’re most likely to be attracted to someone who has the same problems as you, and eventually, neither of your lives will be better.

3. You believe a relationship will make you complete

This may sound good in a book or movie, but the reality is another story. Relationships don’t make your life complete, they complement. You should be looking for a partner who will complement you, and make you appear less needy or clingy.

4. You spending too much time looking for love than on your interests

If you want to meet a person that’s right for try becoming more social and active with your interests. Attend social events and gatherings, if you’re thinking of meet the perfect mate, instead of scouring for a partner.

5. Get rid of your baggage

Perhaps you have some emotional baggage from your past relationship, and maybe that’s what making you hard for you to be in a real relationship. Deal honestly and thoroughly with your baggage, and until you do that all of your relationships will be rebounds to get over or stop thinking about your ex.

6. You don’t believe you can true to yourself

Don’t change yourself into someone else because he or she wants you to be. Instead, be sincere and concerned about whether he or she wants you, exactly you are now.

Overall, relationships are about being true to yourself and bringing the best in others. Unless you work on that, it will be hard for you to find someone who wants to be with you and have a relationship with your – for being you.

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