6 Signs That You Are Mean And An Absolute Turn Off For Men

Are you someone who have been too many dates and still failed to secure a relationship? Are you getting rejected? Are you someone who only gets one date with guys? If yes, you might want to think that you’re still single because you can’t the right man to fall in love with. But, did you think about the possibility that the problem might be you? It might be that you’re talking, acting or doing something that pisses men off? If you’re mean or rude to your men, you can’t secure the second date, let alone end up in a happy relationship.

If you notice any of these signs in yourself, it’s highly likely that you might be a mean girl.

1. You’ve Made Fun of His Penis
Most women have no idea that men take their manhood really seriously. So serious that if you by any circumstances, even if it’s a joke, they won’t be interested in date anymore.

2. Guys Think That You’re “Cruel” Or “Heartless.”
Some men will tell you this if you break up with them. Some will even tell you even after you rejected them politely. It’s okay if you hear this sometimes, but if you keep hearing this a lot, there may be some truth to it, and you better take a good look at it.

3. You break up With Him By Suddenly Disappearing
We understand you were in a long-term relationship with him, and it made you feel bored. You decided to break up with him, even if there was no abuse present, by ghosting. You went for this disrespectful approach because it was easier to do, and you didn’t want to face him. This is not cool, ladies. If you’ve been dating a man for six months or so, ghosting shows that you really don’t care about him or his feelings about you enough to even say goodbye. Ghosting can only be accepted if he was abusive or was unfaithful to you.

4. You Knowingly Say Things That Are Cruel, Hurtful And Enjoy It
Sometimes we often say things that don’t sound cruel or hurtful to the other person to us, but we assume that it might offend or hurt them. But, we can’t resist ourselves from telling it. Interestingly enough, it always ends up more brutal than we think it is. Damage is done. What’s even worse that we tend to get a sick sense of enjoyment out of it. The guys think that you enjoy being mean to them. Not a good sign.

5. You Call Men Horrible Things To Their Face
You have a sick tendency of calling guys, “fat,” “dumb,” “whiny,” etc. We won’t ask you to express your speech, or you feel about things, but it’s this is bad given the fact you’re no “Miss Congeniality” to them.

6. Men have told you they’re afraid to approach you
You may label too scared to approach or face you as “spineless.” But, if the men you’ve dated honestly tell you that they were scared to approach you, or you intimidate them, then it’s pretty safe to tell that you’re one mean woman.

So there you’ve it, some traits you really need to care of before you get ready for the next date with a man that is if you’re still interested in falling in love.

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