6 Signs That Shows You Are Dating The Wrong Person

Searching for everlasting love can be depressing, frustrating and a daunting experience. The world is rife with social media, dating shows, sky rocking divorce and infidelity rates; making us question ourselves does true love really exist? The truth is yes, true love does exist. That’s why we want to be in love. We want to feel that emotional connection and safety with the other person. However, finding the right person and making smart decisions is the key to finding everlasting love.

Here are six signs for the ladies to for in a man, which indicates he isn’t right for you:

1. Mr. Unavailable. There is something wrong with your man if you find it hard to reach him, despite both of you living in the same city. If you call him and if he sounds irritated or annoyed, and he returns or responds to your calls or messages sometimes, maybe this man isn’t right for you.

2. Mr. No Compliment Guy. Giving compliments to each other is natural when two people are in love. If the last time your partner praised you was the first time he met you, then it points that this guy doesn’t value you enough. We understand a man should go overboard while giving compliments, but he should be happy and feel proud to be in a relationship with you. Appreciating and making the other person feel good is the building block of a healthy relationship.

3. Mr. I Want You To Be My Mom. If you find that your man is always low on cash, struggling to pay his bills, keep his place clean or fridge filled with food, it’s clear that this man is looking for a mama. Or at least, he wants to date someone who will take care of him. These types of guys will assume that you take care of them; in return, they give you less value and time. It is evident he cannot take care of himself. Don’t look back and run.

4. Mr. Quitter. If you’ve argument with your man, he lets you win or allows you to walk away without a fight. This means that he’s not interested in you or thinks that you’re too good for him. It seems like he expects you to nurture or fix all the problems in the relationship. Otherwise, he quits quickly. This man certainly doesn’t value himself or anyone else for that matter.

5. Mr. Only Good For A While. You’re confused if your partner is having fun or enjoying spending time with you. You also notice that he doesn’t make much effort to spend time with you, and not having much fun, even if he says otherwise. If you think that when you’re away, he won’t think about you, and he won’t make an effort to see you, it’s time you walk from him. He’s isn’t in love with you, and if a man loves a woman, he’ll make an effort to be with her.

6. Mr. Inflexible. The guy you’re dating is inflexible. It’s his way or the highway. He indicates that if you want to have a relationship with him, things must be established the wants it to be. If you contradict him, he gets angry and doesn’t agree with you. If this is the case, pack your bags and leave. Healthy relationships are flexible, and both partners try to meet each other’s needs.

The above signs not only apply to men but women too. So, if you were dating someone new, and see one or a combination of these deal-breakers in him or her, it is best you leave the relationship.

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