6 Simple and Easy Habits for a Happy Marriage

Being married or starting a new relationship isn’t difficult, but being committed and having the best intention for it is. A happily married couple have a deep love for each other, appreciate each other and are very committed to bringing out the best within themselves. Marriage is all about gratitude and appreciation of each other’s good habits, which brings the positive energy and this energy is the key for a happy and long-lasting union.

Here are six simple and small habits that you can work on for a happy marriage:

Greet Your Partner In The Morning With A Warm Smile

This is the simple one, yet we often forget it. We get up early, have our breakfast, get the kids ready for school, and drive to work. We hardly greet each other anymore. But just see how a simple and lovely smile can work wonders for your partner everytime you wake up. Always greet your partner in the morning with a warm smile and say that you are happy to his or her wife or husband or you can imagine your life without him or her. It's the small gestures, but its effects are endless.

Send Your Partner Romantic or Flirty Text Messages

Instead of texting your friends all day, use your smartphone to send your spouse romantic or flirty messages like, “Baby, I miss you every second”, or “I want to see you Tonight!!!”, whenever you feel like to do.

Hugging Your Partner Brings Them Closer

It's so beautiful to see how couples come close to each other if they touch and feel each other. When your partner comes home from work, shopping or some other place, hug your partner closely, feel your partner's hair, hands or legs. The perfect time to do it when you guys are having lunch or dinner or just laying in the bed watching TV. Now, see the magic unfold itself.

Appreciate Your Partner Every Day

Most marriages lose their lustre because partners don’t compliment each other on how they feel or look. The relationship becomes void of any commitment and love. To bring back fire back in your marriage, be thankful to your partner for everything they do. It doesn’t matter if your husband cleaned the bedroom or took the children to the school or your wife made you a great cup of coffee. These small, yet powerful gestures make them feel appreciated, and they try to do those things more often and better. Plus, don’t forget to compliment each other appearances and looks, when you both go on dates or hang out.

Express Your Feelings While Being Vulnerable

There are times when couples express their needs; the request appears like an attack than a lovely gesture. For instance, if you become annoyed seeing your husband watching TV, don’t say, that he’s always watching TV and doesn’t want to spend time with me. This can be counterintuitive and won’t do anything except hurt your partner’s feelings. Instead, express what you want and feelings and say that you want to spend more time the night with him or want to be by his side all night. The key is always express your feelings by being vulnerable.

Feeling Your Partner’s Breath

It may sound a bit weird at first, but nonetheless, it's very effective to show affection to your spouse. Hugging and feeling your partner breath, and looking at each other's eyes is a powerful way to get intimate with each other. Sometimes you probably won’t feel being affectionate or showing appreciation, or in a bad mood. But give it a try anyway.

So, there you have it. You may not like them all, but if you give it a try, you can be assured that they will spice up your marriage and make it even happier.

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