6 Simple Ways To Convey Your Love To Your Partner

So, you decided to be in a relationship. You feel confident you’re physically and emotionally ready for the relationship. You meet someone you like, you’ve gone a few dates, and you believe that you feel connected to her. The chemistry matches up. But, simply the emotional connection and chemistry aren't all to have a healthy and successful relationship. Trust and effective communication is the key to make your relationship resilient to all the problems with face and make it thrive in the future. A lot of men and women can’t express their true feelings, thoughts, and love to their boyfriends or girlfriends because they simply don’t know how to do it. Simply saying, “I love you,” doesn’t exactly mean a lovely night on the town, or an extravagant gift.

For them, here are seven easy ways you can follow to express your love to your partner:

1. Love Notes
It only takes a mere 30 second to scribble down those lovely, heartfelt and sweet notes on a yellow sticky note. Stick it on the refrigerator door or the bathroom mirror before you leave the house in the morning for work. It will surely put a smile on your sweetheart’s face, and they’ll start the day with a blissful feeling.

2. Get Your Groove On!
Remember, the groove is in the heart. So, go online and download a few or a whole collection of your significant other’s favorite tunes. Now, compile them onto a CD, and think of a real catchy yet clever title for your album.

3. Surprise Your Partner With A Snack Attack
Every guy or gal has his or her own guilty pleasures. Surprise your significant other with their favorite guilty pleasure. It’s one of the simplest of thing that can boost your happiness factor. So, whether it’s a hot chocolate drink, or chocolate brownie, a vanilla latte or the usual Krispy Creme doughnuts, giving your partner what he or she likes will do wonders. Your partner will believe that you’re paying attention to their likes, which really means a lot to them.

4. Breakfast in Bed
This is one of most sought after romantic gestures you can do to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Wake up in the morning and make a batch of blueberry pancakes or some freshly squeezed orange juice, and surprise your resting partner while delivering it to them.

5. Book Club
Does your boyfriend or girlfriend have a passion for reading books? Does he or she like to read vampire novels or science fiction? Then browse through bookstores sometimes, and focus on what they’re checking out when you both shop for books, magazines, etc. Now, when they’re not seeing, pick up a title or two, and give them as presents!

6. Physical Touch
When it comes to romantic relationships, physical intimacy or sexual intimacy plays a vital role that is equal to emotional intimacy. But, in relationships, it’s not all about sexual satisfactions. A small kiss, hug or even gentle touch on the hand or the shoulder can make your partner closer to you. A fabulous foot massage or relaxing back rub can ease away all tensions of the day and be a fantastic way to reconnect and rekindle your romance for each other.

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