6 Small Things Guys Do When Getting Ready To Break Up

It’s impossible to know beforehand if someone is about to break up with you, unless, the person tells you. With that made clear, how many of you were be able to predict some of your past breakups? It’s true we can’t 100 percent be sure when our boyfriends are ready to dump us, but there are some signs you can tell that a man might be about to end the relationship with you.

Here are few signs that will let you know if a man wants to break up with you:

1. He Suddenly Becomes More Interested In Himself
We aren’t telling you your partner’s whole life should be centered on you. In fact, it’s healthy for your boyfriend to have an independent life outside of the relationship. But, all of a sudden if you see that he emphasizes all of his free time into things that don’t include you, or don’t want to add you, then we may have a problem. It’s highly likely that he’s prepping himself to become single again.

2. He’s Not Interested In Sex
Physical intimacy is an important part of a romantic relationship. So, if your partner doesn’t get turned on by you, be aware. There could be many reasons. Either he is stressed out or depressed, he is pulling away from you, or he is cheating. It can also be that he's become increasingly cranky. Nonetheless, it is a bad sign.

3. He's Started Working Late
Working late doesn’t necessarily mean that your boyfriend is done with the relationship. Working late at the office can be an indication that he’s ready to dump you or is having an affair. On the other hand, working late can also be a positive thing. Maybe, he’s working late to get the best engagement ring you wanted, save for the wedding, buy a home, get a promotion, and so on and so forth. So, just make sure if he’s working late is leading to other bad signs.

4. He's Meeting Up With His Old Friends
We all have friends we didn’t meet for a long time. Does your boyfriend suddenly have to meet up with an old girlfriend or just an old friend? Does he keep doing that? If he’s running on to them now and again, it’s not good. There is no harm if he’s reconnecting with platonic buddies, but if all those old or long lost friends are old girlfriends, then you need to have a serious conversation about it with your partner.

5. He's Seem Less Concerned To See You
Nowadays, if you see your significant other doesn’t want or need to see you in person or wants to spend time with you, it’s not because you both have become comfortable with other. It’s just that seeing you or spending quality time with you is not as much of a priority to him anymore.

6. He's always on his phone
Does your boyfriend spend too much time on his phone that makes you wonder whether he’s having a relationship with it or with you? This sad and disrespectful behavior not only puts a barrier between the two of you, but it could also probably that he’s hiding something serious from you, or hiding another relationship.

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