6 Things A Good Man Will Never Think Of Doing

There are a lot of articles with advice on what men “should do” or “shouldn’t do” while looking for a relationship. Some of these articles get plenty of backlash from men, as nobody likes someone who tells others how they should act or behave. Also, most guys do not actually behave in these ways. Well, that’s not true. Let’s make one thing clear: Good men do behave in these ways. If you are dating someone and she expects you to be more stable, well-adjusted, emotionally mature, then it’s safe to tell you that you aren’t a good man.

Here are some of the things a good man will never do. So, if you are looking to impress your girlfriend, pay close attention:

1. A good man will never judge his girlfriend by her looks.

If you are someone who tells your girlfriend things like, “I wish you were a little slimmer,” “I wish your hair was a bit longer” or “You would be even better if you wore more makeup,” etc., then you need to make some serious changes in your attitude. A good man will never judge a woman’s appearance. That’s demeaning, emotionally abusive, and it will make her think badly of herself. Instead, a good man will make her feel confident and support her emotionally.

2. A good man will never breach a woman’s privacy.

If you need to hide something in your relationship, it means you aren’t in a healthy relationship. It doesn’t matter what it is – texts, emails, Facebook messages. There is no need to hide anything. But that doesn’t mean you have the privilege to snoop through her things if she forgets to lock her phone or leaves her computer open. If you do, it shows that you feel insecure and don’t trust that your partner will be faithful to you.

3. A good man will never discourage his lover.

You can tell a person’s confidence level by seeing how they support the ambition of others. A good man will never hesitate to support and help people around him. He will never insult or discourage anyone no matter how bad things are.

4. A good man will never cheat.

There are folks out there who say that monogamy is not “natural.” They say humans aren’t biologically wired to spend their whole life with one person. Regardless of what people or science says, there is one universal truth. Monogamy is a personal choice made by two individuals in a relationship. It’s a promise made by two people before beginning their relationship. A good guy will never commit infidelity in the relationship because it means he’s breaking or dishonoring the pledge he has made to someone he loves and cares about.

5. A good man will never disrespect or abuse his partner.

A good man will respect everyone around him. He will never be condescending, arrogant or disrespectful to anyone around him, regardless of their intelligence or professional position. A good man will never be abusive to his girlfriend, either physically or emotionally.

6. A good man will never make his partner feel alone in their relationship.

When it comes to relationships, it’s a partnership. It’s a two-way street. Relationships are supposed to enrich each other’s lives, not complicate them. A good man will never make his girlfriend feel alone or disconnected in their relationship. He will never make his significant other feel like an afterthought and will always include her in important conversations and decisions.

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