6 Things Your Boyfriend Love To Hear From You

When it comes to dating and relationships, it’s not that only women want to hear nice things from their boyfriends. Men also like to hear nice, flirty and sexy things from their partners too, so much that he will so deep in love with you. Whether you're in a new relationship or already married, some things never change when it comes to feeling needed, desired, loved, appreciated and sexy. And it's not just women who want these things; guys want them too.

Here are six nice things you can say to your boyfriend:

1. You Look Amazing
It’s not just women who have insecurities; men do have them, too. It doesn’t matter whether he shows it or not, sometimes, he keeps wondering if his belly is sticking out more than the usual, or if he looks good with his shirt tucked in or out. This statement acts as a good compliment particularly if he’s hitting the gym. After all that the reason, he has been working out lately.

2. I Love Your (Put A Name Of His Body Part)
Sometimes, when it comes to professing your love to your partner, it helps if you get specific. And, we won’t lie. Tell something nice about any of his body part that you won’t usually say without laughing or blushing too much, and you know exactly what we are trying to say here. Men are sensitive about their manly parts, and they’ll love you even more if you tell them that you're attracted to what they have.

3. That Woman Just Checked You Out!
This line is a great confidence booster. It also tells him that you just witnessed another woman looking at him and you're not uncomfortable, jealous or afraid to tell him. It shows to your man that you're confident and trust him and know very well that he won’t be lured or seduced by another girl.

4. You Are Right
Sometimes we all like to be right, guys included. Often guys like to be more right than women especially while fighting or arguing. It probably happens less than he thinks, but sometimes, your man gets it right, and when that happens, it's good to tell him, especially if you were first to initiate the argument. It’s true that this will make you look weak, a little sheepish or submissive to him, but it’s worth it. It'll get him to feel good, and you can also showcase yourself that you’re a rational creature who can admit when you're wrong.

5. You Aren’t Going Bald, Honey!
Almost a quarter of men will start losing their hair when they’re 25, and two-thirds will start balding at 60. Losing his hair has traditionally been one of a man's biggest fears. So, even if you notice that he doesn’t have the hair density when you first started dating him, or he’s already getting a bit naked on the top, assure him that it's nothing or tell him he’s not balding.

6. Will you help me unscrew this or help me out?
Men are the traditional initiators. They are looking out to make the first move. Guys like to feel manly. They like to do things that will highlight their masculinity. Therefore, helping the ladies with simple and mundane tasks makes them feel macho, caring and vigorous. We're not saying you that you need to keep asking him to do stuff which you can easily do yourself because that will bother him and make you feel needy. But, if you do need assistance, ask him, and he'll be happy to accept. So, when you’re in a relationship, it’s a cute thing for you can say to your boyfriend to boost his ego and make him feel appreciated.

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