6 Things To Consider Before the Breakup

It’s sad that you’re facing some problems in your relationship. You’ve tried your best to make things turn around, but failed miserably, again and again. Now, you're kind of sure that this relationship isn’t going anywhere. You’ve decided to break up, but before you make a final decision, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I just angry or resentful?
One major reason why most men and women decide to break up is that they’re exhausted or in the middle of unresolved conflicts in their relationship. Deciding to end your relationship in this way just indicates that it’s an emotional one. Wait until you feel calm and less angry and rethink about all the emotional consequences of a break up before you call it quits.

2. Can the relationship be saved?
Are you sincere in saving this relationship? Is there anything in the relationship that’s worth giving it a second chance? If there is a conflict in the relationship, try a healthy approach to resolving it. Express your concerns, make your voice heard, and be accountable for your actions. Listen to your partner and be sensitive to his or her feelings. Give your best shot in the relationship. Avoid blaming your partner for the demise of your relationship, when you haven’t given your best to the relationship. Don’t let love die without a fight.

3. Did you communicate openly what you need in the relationship?
Did you share your feelings and needs with you partner before the breakup? Always choose communication than dismissing your relationship. Improving communication with your partner will reignite the romance and understanding in your relationship. It will also contribute to an intimate understanding of what’s causing the relationship to end. If you’ve been unsuccessful in resolving the problems in your relationship, don’t jump to conclusions quickly. Don’t automatically assume that you’re unhappy because you’re in a bad relationship. Is there is any guarantee that you’ll be happy if you leave this relationship or remain single?

4. Don’t play breakup games.
If you think that giving threats of a breakup will bring you both closer together, forget about it. Don’t pay to break up games or any other games with either of your hearts. If you want to make your relationship great again, invest your time and energy in the relationship.

5. Is anyone influencing you to end the relationship?
Assess whether your friends or family members are advising or influencing you to end the relationship. Evaluate their motives, and talk with them about it. Maybe these have seen some red flags in the relationship that can’t be fixed or ignored. So, they’re coercing you toward a split. Or maybe they’ve bad, selfish and unhealthy reasons for it.

6. Will I regret leaving the relationship?
Before breaking up, think about your life change after it. Your social life will become complicated, so will your housing situation. Your daily routine will no longer be the same. There is a chance that things will get more stressful and overwhelming that the break up itself. Therefore, ask yourself if ending your relationship is something you’ll regret deep down.

Sometimes things always don’t get better as planned, and ending a romantic relationship is a good example. So, we would suggest you take all possible steps to make improvements and resolve problems in your relationship which not only include the emotional bonding but also needs to take care the physical needs as well. We prefer to hold on rather than ending it.

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