6 Things Guys Needs To Know That Lead To Meaningful Relationships

Before women became more independent and aware of their rights, gender roles were clear and well defined. Dating was easier for the most part. A man courted a woman he liked, and both of them knew the ultimate goal of the courtship – marriage. Today, dating has become very complicated because both genders are evolving socially. The traditional courtship has replaced by vague terms like, “hanging out” and “hooking up.” Sex is no longer considered sacred, and a tremendously emotional and intimate act and people are always changing their partners. Some people would like to consider this new direction as advantageous.

However, in spite of this, most men and women are looking for dating advice that will help them to form meaningful relationships and connections with their partners. This might seem quite contrary to the so-called “advancements” in modern dating.

Nonetheless, here are six dating tips for guys that will help them to date worthy women and enjoy more dates that lead to meaningful relationships.

  1. Be True To Yourself

Be yourself as the same person both online and offline. Women prefer to date a man who portrays himself accurately. Be trustworthy and honest about the superficial things like your age, height, appearance, etc. Communicate openly and honestly about who you are,  your beliefs, your opinions, your life, etc. so that she gets a clear understanding who you truly are and can decide if you’re the man she’s looking for.

  1. Be A Gentleman

This means dating responsibly. Always treat a woman the way you treat your mother, sister, daughter or someone you actually care about. Be well-mannered, keep your promises, take care of your appearance, have a good sense of personal grooming and hygiene, be courteous and be respectful in your words and actions. Know her well inside and outside, and don’t rush to have sex with her. When you’re a gentleman, sex will happen naturally.

  1. Have Integrity

Be open and honest. If you didn’t enjoy your date and didn't wish to see her again, don’t say you’ll call her and will see her again. Don’t make empty promises and create false hope. It will only hurt your date. Instead, tell her that you really enjoyed talking to her but didn't feel a romantic connection and wish her all the best before you leave.

  1. Ask Her Out

Despite a lot of social, economic and behavioral advances, most women still prefer men to make the first move. So, if you're interested in her, ask her out. Contact her according to the details in her dating profile, and don’t send her creepy or flirty messages.

  1. Be Open To Who She Is

Be more open and accepting of a woman’s physical appearance, age, and measurements. Instead of making her physical appearance your main criteria, focus mostly on her appearance, strengths, and qualities. This also means being open to dating women who are closer to you in age. This way you’ll increase your chances of meeting and date more girls

  1. Be Patient And Thoughtful

When it comes to dating and relationships, patience is a virtue. It’s not a good idea to rush things to satisfy your short-term urges by ignoring your long-term happiness. Take dating on the journey to finding a meaningful and lasting connection with a woman. Also be thoughtful, be considerate and caring to a woman's feelings.

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