6 Things You Should Never Say to your Ex

Don’t you think it’s normal to do irrational activities after a painful breakup? Though the answer is yes, it can end up in something worse. Showing your desperation to get your ex back can attack your self-esteem.

The person who loved you yesterday might start hating you after seeing your unusual activities after the breakup. It seems romantic when someone puts an effort in saving the relationship, but nobody appreciates exaggeration. Here are 6 things you should never say to your ex for the sake of holding you self-esteem:

1. I’ve Changed Myself For You
Actions do a lot more than your words. Thus, when you brag about your improvement, there is a higher chance that your ex will dislike it. You better prove yourself a strong personal rather than convincing them to believe it.

2. I Will Do Anything To Get You Back
Presenting yourself like this will actually lower your self-esteem since your ex may think that you’re making it up just to get them back. It’s not attractive as well. They expected your full dedication, but you didn’t. You can’t ask for it not when they’ve decided to move on!

3. Please, Forgive Me!
Begging to forgive you or think about the settlement does not make your ex want you back rather it shows your lack of confidence in going on with life without them. It eventually breeds hatred in their mind since a confident man or woman never begs for other’s company since they need nobody to live a regular life.

4. I Can’t Live Without You
This dialogue is entirely obsolete these days. There were days in the past when people used to be impressed by these words, but our generation is quite smarter than them. By saying, you cannot live without them is meaningless to them. The only thing that can impress your ex is the true efforts that you’re making to cling to them.

5. Leaving Me Will Be The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life!
Threatening your loved one by telling them that they’re making a great mistake exposes your cheap mentality. If you think you are someone valuable for them, be that person first! Improve your appearance, develop a great attitude, and run for excellence. If your ex finds out that you’re trying heart and soul to impress her, she will automatically feel that losing you will be a great mistake!

6. I Have Few Things To Ask You
Both of you remain in an emotional rollercoaster, and the mental condition stays in a highly unstable state after a breakup. It is the time when your partner probably needs some space. They would prefer spending time alone to tolerating any nuisances. So, triggering them with a bunch of questions will end up in their annoyance and hatred towards you.

When you decide to live with self-esteem, your personality becomes attractive to your loved one. So, stop telling these unwanted things to them and focus on letting them feel your honest intention. It can win their hearts more easily!

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