6 Things Women Always Long To Tell Men

This is certainly a highly anticipated question between members of the opposite sex. Most men feel overwhelmed when it comes to understanding women. The same thing applies to women too, as they too find men to be so complicated. What is really going on in a women’s mind? What exactly are women thinking? Is there any possibility that we can decode this age old question?

Well, not fully. Here are a few things women say they wish men could understand about women:

1. I wanted to feel cherished, pursued, and desired
Unfortunately, most men have found that what makes a woman feel cherished or desired might not be necessary for other. If a woman wants to be pursued, some woman might deem it as stalking. Therein lies the thrill as well as the challenge. If you can discover what these words mean to a particular lady, and realize how to use them, you’ll be rewarded with the power that can energize and cultivate a budding relationship.

2. When I feel cherished, pursued, and desired, I want to be close to you
You probably know this, and it’s true. For women, physical intimacy is the natural outcome of emotional intimacy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman won’t consent to physical intimacy or a sexual relationship without the absence of emotional intimacy. But, sometimes, physical or sexual intimacy without any emotional connection can actually harm a romantic relationship.

3. I want to be treated like a lady
Chivalry isn’t dead. Women wanted men to treat them with honor and dignity. Some men might assume some dating etiquette as awkward and old-fashioned. But, when it comes to dating and relationships, good manners and being a gentleman will always make a go an extra mile.

4. Words mean everything to me
You’ll be surprised how many relationships have been ruined because of lies, critical or deceitful words. Plenty! If you want a woman you like to feel enchanted and irresistible to you and make your relationship stronger, choose wise words.

5. I am forgiving, but I can’t forget quickly
We told you earlier, words can and do make or end a relationship. So, if you make sarcastic or repulsive comments about a woman’s weight, her faults, or compare her to your ex- girlfriends, it’s a direct stab in her heart. No matter how much you try, you can’t take back words just by saying, “I am sorry,” or “I didn’t mean any of it” or, “I was just joking.” The damage has already been done, and the receiving person has to live with the pain for a long time.

6. It makes me happy that you love yourself
When you’re looking for a relationship, a man who is confident, self-assured, and secure is incredibly attractive to a woman. By comparison, feeling insecure is a deal-breaker. If a man is unhappy, dissatisfied, critical, or unsure about himself, how can he be kind, positive, uplifting, and supportive to a woman he likes? If he is unhappy and doesn’t love himself, how is it possible for him to love someone else? It’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with someone else if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself.

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