6 Things Women Do That Turn Men Off

Let’s be honest; hot, beautiful women have a way easier time getting guys to like them compared to women who are “average.” But just because they’re beautiful and lucky doesn’t always mean they’ll win. It’s possible for a man to end a relationship with a girl even if she looks like Angelina Jolie.

Here are some things women do that turn men off, no matter how pretty she is:

1. Always Talking Negatively

Negativity and depression are contagious, no doubt about it. No person wants to feel bad while dating someone and even the most positive and confident man will subsequently get dragged down if he’s constantly bombarded with negativity. A man will eventually run away from a woman who is always depressed, whining, and complaining.

2. Not Bathing

This applies to everyone. If you want to make people come close to you, you’ll need to bathe and smell good. Not taking a bath means you’ll smell like death, and that’s a turn-off.

3. Being Overly Aggressive

There are plenty of angry and overly aggressive women who are dealing with personal issues. But, unfortunately, these ladies continue to go on dates with men without dealing with their anger problems. If a guy happens to date one of these women, and when he discovers her anger issues, he will usually run the other way because he thinks that woman might be unstable. It’s not possible to have a happy and healthy relationship with someone that you hate or feel bitter towards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, if you haven’t dealt with your anger issues, it may be time to stop dating.

4. Always Talking About Her Ex

A man hates it when he hears his girlfriend always talking about her ex. This also applies to guys too, and it’s not much different. It’s an indication that she is still in love with her ex, he is still on her mind, and this guy’s a rebound. And no man wants that.

5. Acting Desperate and Insecure

Being desperate or needy is unattractive in romantic relationships. Desperation or neediness is something people can smell from a distance, and it will drive away any man. It’s not easy to hide it. We understand people can be desperate if they haven’t been in a relationship for a long time, but walk away if you feel desperation manifesting inside of you. Another thing that turns off a man is when he discovers a woman who can’t handle her insecurities. So, get all your fears and insecurities figured out before you start dating. There are many cases of good relationships that have been ruined because of insecurities.

6. Having No Ambition Or Motivation

A man gets turned off by a lady who has no motivation or ambition to do anything, discover anything or even try anything out. It’s common for men to encounter a woman who wants them to have a great career, be ambitious, motivated, driven and have a vibrant and exciting life to offer. Equally, men also like to date women who have the same attributes. Most guys want a life partner, not a pet.

Other things that turn men off while looking for a woman are: if they’re social media obsessed, play dumb, smoke, hide their real personality, act overly dramatic, etc. Therefore, if you’re a woman reading this and you’re doing any of the following, stop immediately.

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